What Is A PC VR Headset

pc vr headset

PCVR headsets are the most talked about thing right now on the internet. This revolutionary new technology that is now available can change the way we interact with each other and with our devices. Imagine being able to communicate wirelessly through your computer to another headset over the internet. This would revolutionize communication as we know it. Let’s take a look at the top four advantages of having a PCVR headset.

An Overview

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One of the pros of a PCVR headset is the ability for you to track your users with full comfort and ease. If you are not familiar with the concept of PCVR, this means that you can actually tune into a person that is speaking through their pc or headset and easily be able to understand what they are saying. You will be able to pick up their facial expressions and hear everything that is being said. From here, you can then build your relationship with the person you are tracking with the pc or headset. By doing this, you will be able to better understand them and respond accordingly.

Background Noise 

The second two of a PCVR headset is the ability for you to add and remove backgrounds to your conversations. With just one snap of the mouse, you can go from chatting with your friend to having that animated background with their headbands on. This gives you an added element of depth to your pc or experience which will definitely enhance the overall graphics and videos that you see. The ability for you to have these backgrounds come and go as you need is a huge plus as you do not want to feel stifled by any graphics that are not right for the moment or the situation you are in.

The third proof a PCVR headset is the tracking of your own head movements. With the ability for you to monitor and record your own head movements, you can go from talking to your friend about an important business deal to being left all in the dark about a critical project at work. With the recording of your own movements, you can then watch them back at a later time when you may be more comfortable with the way you are speaking. This enhances your conversation and eliminates the frustration that may occur when you can’t exactly see who is talking to you.

Easy Usage 

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One of the biggest complaints people have with headsets is that they are hard to use. When you can use a PCVR headset with both wired and wireless controllers, you eliminate this complaint. In addition, you also eliminate the possibility of getting your hands tangled in the control cords while you are using them. A good tracking system has both wired and wireless controllers with which you can move around easily. The ability for the controller to track your head motions at whatever point you are in the conversation makes the headset an easy option for anyone to use.

Reverb g2 and foot pedals are also an essential part of a quality PCVR headset. If you are going to use the headset to perform live vocal work, having a great set of reverb g2 and foot pedals is critical to creating the right effect. Reverb will take your voice from one level to another, creating subtle adjustments in pitch and quality that can change how you come across during a performance.

Sound Card 

With PCVR headsets, you have the freedom to place the actual sound card as well as the actual speakers wherever you want. Many people choose to place their speakers on the floor for better floor standing quality. On the other hand, there are also some people that like to place their PCVR headset on their desk for a more immersive experience. You can get a lot of mileage out of using a PCVR headset with either a floor-standing option or an ipd solution. You get the freedom to place them where you want for the ultimate in sound clarity.


Finally, the HTC Vive uses an optical tracking system for an extremely accurate reproduction of sound. While the VIVE headset does not have the tracking that the Rift can offer, the two systems do share certain characteristics. The tracking is much less intrusive on the ears of the Rift user, even though it is not the most accurate. The HTC Vive also has a nice speaker with a noticeable boom, however, the VIVE has a much wider range of sound, which means it has a stronger audio component for truly immersive gaming.

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