What Are The Top VR Horror Games Ps4 Has

vr horror games ps4

Well, those VR horror games ps4 brings, are some of the robust enthralling experiences one can find. Besides, VR PS4 is giving out some significant deals to the player recently. So if you are someone who is planning on creating your very own VR library, how about some horror games for the arrangements? Whatever your reason, this list got you covered. Let us check the list of VR horror games PS4 brings down now-

VR Horror Games PS4 Has: Killing Floor Incursion

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Though it just came into the market, its promising detailing is going to secure it a long-lasting top position. The Killer Floor 2 delivers a five-chapter story with two-player co-op support, for all the Story and Horde modes. Use your dual PS moves by which you can shoot, slash and punch. Undoubtedly, this one deserves to be checked out.

Next Check Out Impatient In Your VR Horror Games Ps4

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The solid narrative is one of the noteworthy features of this game. Moreover, with the player’s decisions, this narrative drastically changes giving you a cool agreeable time during your game. Also, the game holds an agenda that rewards patient players. Its prequel opens in Blackwood Pine sanitarium, where an amnesic patient roams around where players need to look for clues to reveal the true identity.

Moving On With

This is one of the profound choices of

Next Is Arizona Sunshine

Well, this is a renowned shooter game with solid gaming controls that gift you with a captivating time. For instance, players get to use, PS move motion controls, DualShock 4 along with PS VR Aim Controller giving you an interesting gaming time. In one single and simple sentence, this is one of the marvelous

Rush of Blood Is Your Next Best Option

These are those scary choices that give you a beguiling time coupled with robust shooting opportunities which ultimately fascinate you. The game sets in the actual rail set where players will enjoy a rollercoaster ride to hell. The game offers engrossing heart-thumping visuals with some significantly disturbing graphics. Also, the secrets paired with alternate routes in this game undeniably offer a robust time to the players.


Well, these are the top choices of VR horror games ps4 has. All the choices of the game mentioned give it’s player an adrenaline rush which is enough to give a try to each of the options mentioned here. Horror games offer a different level of excitement. Besides giving you a considerable fun time, these VR sets are enough to deliver you a tough gaming time. So if you haven’t checked them yet take your chance to start playing each of the choices one at a time. Hope you find this list very helpful in jotting down your preferences.

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