Scary Games With a HTC ViS – Playing Horror Games Without a Controller

vr horror games without controller

Many people love horror games but many don’t like playing them with controllers. I have always preferred to play horror games without a controller. But I am not the only one. Many horror game enthusiasts are now also beginning to appreciate the benefits of using controllers for controlling the games. So what’s stopping you from getting started with VR horror games without a controller?

controllers may not be necessary if you are planning on playing the non-horror games on a computer or laptop. Many people are beginning to discover the joys of being able to play their favorite VR horror games in theirVR headsets. These headsets allow you to move and control your character in the game just as you would in the real world. There is no need for a keyboard or mouse, which some people may find uncomfortable while playing.

An Overview

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If you are going to be playing horror games on a HTC ViS or any other mobile phone, then the controls are very simple to set up. Using a free Android app called VuTune Android Manager, you will be able to enter text messages and switch between different views in the game. To control the camera, just touch the screen. The HTC ViS will detect where your hands are and automatically turn the camera on.

I realize that it is harder to grip a controller than it is to use a mouse or keyboard. Even with the right wireless device, it can still be difficult to grab a controller forVR headset experiences. That is why there is an option for turning off the motion detection so that your hands won’t accidentally hit the trigger. It’s a small detail but an important one.

Playing Horror Games With HTC ViS

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A big problem is that most headsets don’t work with most headsets. The PlayStation Move uses a standard type of controllers while the Vive uses the new Lighthouse device from Steam. There are many different types of handheld and wireless devices that work with both consoles. You will also find some interesting accessories that make it possible to play horror games without controllers. These include the HTC ViS headset and controllers.

There is yet another option to play horror games on the HTC ViS with controllers. This is done through the use of a PC. This option works great for those who want to take their VR experience beyond the comfort of their home with them. You can still scare the life out of people with a standard game pad and keyboard but you can also use your PC to get a handful of scary goodies to throw at the enemies in your games.

If you are going to be using your HTC ViS for horror games then you need to know how to change the display settings. You will want to select “Settings” from the main menu and then scroll down to “vr”. From here, you will be able to change the display type. Currently there are two available display types, either front-mounted up/down or flat. If you want to change which type of display is used then all you have to do is go to “Settings” and scroll down to” VR Screens”. Here you will see a list of different displays, one for each type of horror game you wish to play on your HTC ViS.

In The End

The final major difference between playing horror games on a HTC ViS versus a gaming console is the hardware. The graphics card in the ViS is much better than what is offered on a gaming console. The graphics cards offered on the ViS also support a wide variety of different graphics programs and effects. This includes things like reflections and light effects. This feature is also useful for creating unique experiences with your HTC ViS.

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