Virtual Party Games That You Can Play For Free

virtual party games

Virtual Party Games are an exciting way of keeping children entertained at parties. They’re great fun for teenagers and children as they get a chance to show off their own individual talents. Virtual Auctions and Virtual Squares are two exciting examples that can be incorporated into any party game. The idea is simple – place items on a virtual auction site or a virtual Squarespace board. You, the host, then bid on the item you think will fetch the highest price.

The first example we’ll look at was created by Rob Dyer who did a video call series involving his son’s first birthday. He called in his dad, John, and his “friend”, Steve, to help with the video call. The results were a hilarious virtual meeting and a very memorable birthday video. The two hosts gave their virtual party games away to their guests, which was a lot of fun. The most popular being: virtual treasure hunt and virtual bowling.

Virtual Party Games

This next example of virtual party games takes a bit of imagination to play. For this one, let’s say you want to create a virtual Phish concert. Start by setting up some chairs in the center of the room. Have everyone stand in a circle and have a few people holding up a sheet of paper on which is written some letters, like “P-E-A-R-I-N-G” and the like. Then, get everyone to write down the words and numbers they associate with Phish music – start with the letter A and go back until you get to the letter Z.

The other part of this is getting all your guests to do a virtual Phish concert, and you’ve set up a few things for them to do. For this one, you could use a few of your guests’ favorite Phish songs and ask them to perform a couple of them live on the spot. You can have a contest for who knows the most about Phish trivia, or you can make it a video call, where each guest will have to try to answer a few questions, like the song title, lyrics, and a brief description of the song. To add to the video call, you can cut out some portions of the song, and the guest that guesses the most right will win a prize. There are a few other neat ideas you can use for virtual Phish concert trivia.

The next group of virtual party games I’m going to talk about is a little harder than the previous examples, but no less fun. First, you can do a virtual Phish concert trivia game. This time, get a photo taken of each guest, and then show each player a picture from that set of photos. They must then answer a few trivia questions related to their favorite Phish song. For example, did you know that Pagelar actually changed his name from Peter to Paul after he got discovered by Phish?

A Much Ado

A man sitting on a stage

The next virtual party game that I want to introduce is a drawing game that you play with your guests using a messaging system, such as Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Now, the way that this works is you will need to find an image that you think is a decent picture of a Phish fan, and then you will send this picture to your guest using one of those messaging systems. Once they have received the image, you will give them a timed expiration period to answer a few questions about the image. At the end of the timed experiment, the last person that can draw the most correctly will receive a prize. The way that this works is you can either make it a drawing with multiple answers, or you can make it a drawing with only one answer, which makes it a little bit trickier.

The last couple of games I want to discuss are two of my favorites. The first one is called Charades. It’s very easy to get into the spirit of Charades by incorporating various elements from other games. For example, if you played Phish Masquerade, you can use that same concept to create a Charades game. In this game, you will be filling in boxes with different pictures of characters from the Phish album.

Bottom Line

The second game that we’re going to talk about is a free account of Aha Squeers. Now, this game involves a lot more strategy than what you’ll find in the previous games, but it still is a lot of fun to play. In Aha Squeers, you will be answering questions about the Aha Squeers commercial. However, there is one question that you cannot answer. That question is, “isansqeersn’t want ou” and therefore, you must get a certain number of Aha Squeers before you can answer this question and become a member of Aha Squeers online.

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