Top 5 Free Online Games for Windows

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Many people are asking if the best Free Game Systems on Steam have been revealed. Well, here we go. We’ve compiled a list of ten of our favorite titles for your consideration.


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The Paladins of Mars is a turn-based strategy role playing game where you play the role of one of the two original characters, either as a Warrior or a Warlock. You will have to manage your resources to earn money, buy upgrades, recruit new members and recruit fallen warriors from your roster, fight against opponents online, and much more. Playing the role of a Paladin involves a lot of back tracking on previous decisions that you’d made, so you’ll be required to stay on top of your game time. It’s not just a “guy” game where you do battle with virtual enemies – instead, you’ll also have to deal with some rather flesh and blood enemies. And if that doesn’t get your hackles up, just wait until you start playing the best free games on Steam, because there’s nothing quite like the visual appearance and sound effects of Paladin: The Paladins of Mars.

Before we get started, though, we want to point out that our list of the best free games on Steam is subject to change anytime, so make sure to check back often. In addition, this game is compatible with most versions of Windows, meaning that even those on PCs that aren’t Windows XP certified can still enjoy the pleasures that this game provides. As far as features go, this game has pretty much everything you could possibly want in a turn-based strategy game: beautiful visuals, excellent audio and video, well thought out strategy gameplay, tons of upgrades to make your soldiers stronger and more efficient, multiplayer options galore and lots of microtransactions to collect or purchase. If that doesn’t sound like Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) then you really don’t know what you’re missing.

But what’s so great about Paladin: The Paladins of Mars? Well, let’s start by comparing it to other turn-based strategy games. When I say “turn-based”, what I’m referring to is the method of handling game events within each genre. The best free games on PC are the ones that utilize the proper genre, so that you can play the scenario in a manner most closely related to the genre of your choice.

A good example of a turn-based strategy game would be Might & Magic: Heroes on the PC platform. For example, in that game you would build an organization, train your employees, purchase items and recruit new members, all in accordance with the scenario and story line. Now, Paladin: The Paladins of Mars functions in much the same way. However, instead of dealing with characters within the game, you must deal with its main storyline, which is set in a sci-fi novelistic world. This is the hallmark of truly modern, credible fiction, something that a lot of people forget in their desire to simply play the “best free PC games.”


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Despite its simplicity, this is not a simple PC game. There are enough intricate details to keep most people playing it for more than five minutes at a time. In my own personal experience, the storyline is quite complicated and sometimes I don’t understand what’s going on at a given moment. This doesn’t translate to a bad game, though – in fact, some of the mechanics do a great job of building anticipation and leading to a sense of excitement, as you wait for the next stage of the storyline to unfold. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. As you look through the different free online games reviewed here, you’ll find that some will fit better with your own style of gameplay and mechanics.

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