The Ultimate Guide To The VR Headset Price

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If you go towards the 1990s you will know that VR could be anything from a lawnmower man stimulation to a 3D image on the computer. But, things have become way simpler these days as we can recognize different types of VR sets. As these sets start coming into the market we will know that there is a lot of difference between sets of different prices and that you should know about those differences. So, which one is the best for you and how will you come to know about it? Well, there is no one choice for everyone and you can choose according to your own needs and budget.

We will give you an ultimate guide to the VR headset price so that you can sort out your options. The VR headset price can change depending upon the features and the brand. The biggest decision or anyone is picking between the three different kinds of headsets available in the market. Our list will definitely make the choice easier for you and you will benefit from the information that you will get here. This list will let you know the difference between cheap, mid range, and high end headsets and what each of them contain.

Cheap VR Headsets

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The simplest form of the headset that you will find is nothing but a pair of magnifying glasses and a sheet of cardboard that uses your own smartphone as a screen. Most people call it the ‘Google Cardboard’ and the simple design makes it very cheap and easy to get. You can buy the ones that are made of either plastic or aluminium.

The best part is that you can even get these headsets for free if you live in a big city or one that is very tech-oriented. Also, almost everyone owns a smartphone and that is all you need to use this device so you do not need to spend a lot of money on buying a new device.

Mid Range VR Headsets

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The mid range ones are a step up from the normal Google cardboard headsets. You may get better built-in controls, screen or focus wheels in these ones which makes them great. The best known one in this category is Samsung’s Gear VR. If you are looking for something in this range then you have to pay anywhere between $75 to $125 which is not that expensive. You might have to change your phone as these work only with the latest models.

High End VR Headsets

These are the most expensive headsets that you can buy. You have to remember that the best VR experiences cannot be powered by the simple smartphone. For the latest ones you need gaming consoles or external computers which do cost a lot of money. You have to pay more than $600 for one set and they may have some costs that we do not know about as yet.


This is the ultimate list of the VR headset price and how the prices differ according to the features. You can see in which category your budget falls and then go or the headset. You can get these online or offline and some are still not available in the market so you will have to wait for those for sometime.

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