The Ultimate Buying Guide For Steam VR Headset In 2020

steam vr headset

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to experience gaming in a whole new way, virtual reality is the thing. It is an amazing way to travel using technology. VR has made it possible to experience the virtual world as if you are there or play a game as if you are really in it. And all of this can be made possible using a steam VR headset. VR technology is evolving, and finding the best piece of steam VR headset, you will need to navigate through the specifications and technical details of a dozen steam Vr headset that are out there in the market. Money, comfort, and convenience are a few of the criteria you need to consider before investing.

List of Steam VR Headsets

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Valve Index Steam VR Headset

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The most expensive and the most premium on the list. If money is not a constraint, this thing will blow your mind with cutting edge technology and packed with convenience features like superior comfort, the field of view, and audio quality. It lives up to its costs. It will give you the best VR experience.

Oculus Rift S

This is a mid-range wired headset, regarded as one of the most comfortable devices. Higher resolution and a massive library of games give a superior gaming experience. It doesn’t require a gaming laptop or competitive set up for running the games. It is an excellent piece of hardware, ideal for first-timers to dive into the world of gaming with this low-cost steam VR headset.

Oculus quest steam VR headset

A wireless and unique headset independent of a PC, this headset is a flagship product of quest. Intelligent hardware, six-degrees-of-motion freedom tracking, and two controllers, and cross-compatibility with other quest devices. This steam VR headset is the most versatile.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

One of the latest additions to the HTC Vive that is comfortable and fun to use. It is one of the best headsets on the list with higher resolution and better motion tracking but a little pricier.

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

If you have a tight budget, let it not stop you from the fantastic experience of VR gaming. There are a couple of headsets like the HP Reverb, Lenovo Explorer, and Samsung Odyssey. They have Good hardware and simple set up, but position tracking and store are not as good as the others.

However, Samsung odyssey is the best option in this category with a high-resolution display and reduced screen door effect.


With around twenty-two steam VR headset in the market, finding the right one might become a tedious job. But considering all the specifications and the budget, this article will help you narrow down your choices as these are the most trending steam VR headsets.

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