The Scary World Of Multiplayer Vr Horror Games

multiplayer vr horror games

There are several popular multiplayer VR horror games available to play today on the Internet. You can choose to play these terrifying online horror games using only the keyboard and a few mouse buttons, or you may want to try the all-encompassing VR technology that’s available to all who are willing to put in a bit of time and effort. With VR, your sense of physical presence in the game is very important because the more physical you are the more “presence” you will have in the game world. The sense of fright felt through VR is similar to that of a true horror enthusiast – you’ll be left breathless as the horror unfolds before you.


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The best multiplayer Halloween game is undoubtedly The Forest. The Forest is an adventure game with creepy creatures prowling around your home. It is not quite a horror game, however, and doesn’t really require any intense gaming skills to enjoy. This is another good example of the type ofVR game that can be enjoyed by anyone – even those who have never played a first-person shooter before.

Another good one is Dead Reckoning. vr. Here, you play as a group of survivors who must find shelter and safety after being wiped out by a virus that has killed most of your town. These Vr games offer a bit of horror for those who enjoy a little jump scare, though the overall experience will most likely be a little more realistic than if you were playing it using the normal keyboard and mouse controls.

If you are interested in more of the science fiction type ofVR games, there are several to choose from as well. One of these is Quantum Break. In this exciting science-fiction adventure, you help the protagonist, Jane, save the world from an impending nuclear war. The storyline depicts several key moments in the alternate future where the conflict is about to erupt, which causes a massive change in the history of Earth. Your task is to stop a rogue AI that threatens to use a destructive force known as the Triton Energy to shut down the world system so that humans can live in it.

Popular Frightening Games

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Perhaps the most frightening VR game available is Dead Space. In this highly intense multiplayerVR game, you are in a place where you are thousands of feet underground and fighting through hordes of zombies. You have a limited amount of oxygen and you are quickly running out of food or ammunition. Your only way to survive is to build your strength up in order to kill the growing zombies. This is truly a terrifying experience.

If you are into horror games, you definitely do not want to miss out on any of the Dead Space games. All of the above mentioned games are part of the genre known as “Zombie Games.” In this type of game, you will need to stay alive long enough for the credits to accumulate. As they do, you will encounter more monsters as your life gets depleted. These are truly intense situations that can leave the player with a real sense of terror. I recommend this type of VR experience if you are one who likes intense games.

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Another one of the most terrifying experiences that can be found online is a game called Flashback. In the event you are unfamiliar with this type of game, you should know that it is set in a world where you are the last human living in an overrun city. The sole reason you are still alive is because you are forced to act and run towards a source of food and water. Throughout the course of your journey, you will find yourself trapped in an endless battle against the infected.

Final Thoughts

You will find a few other similar scary types of VR games that can leave you feeling scared for your life. One such game is entitled Amnesia: The Maze. In this VR experience, you will find yourself in an endless maze that has a closed off entrance at the beginning. This makes it almost impossible to reach your goal; which means you must find your way out of the maze in order to continue on your adventure.

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