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The Best Steam VR Games

The Best Steam VR Games Exclusively For You

Steam VR games have been much popular among the gamers in the current trend of the virtual reality games. If you know already what is a virtual reality game, then you might also know that these games need a device to run the games. The thing that you would need most is a VR headset.

You can use the device of different manufacturers and models. But the most adored model is Oculus Drift and HTC Vive. Apart from these two popular models, there is another model of VR gaming headset. This is the steam VR device. In this article, we will be discussing the best games that you can play in your steam VR headset.

The configuration of the steam VR headset is quite different than the other VR headsets available in the market. If we take one steam VR headset in your hand, you would get the reason for telling this. There are lots of differences between them, so we are not telling you those in this article. But we will tell you later. In this article, let’s focus on the games.

The Best Steam VR Games Exclusively For You
The Best Steam VR Games Exclusively For You

Fujii: The Simple Yet Magical Steam VR Game

If you are a fan of the mysterious worlds, then you would have fun to play this game. Fujii takes you to a magical realm with the help of virtual reality.

When you will be playing this game while using your steam VR system, you would be able to roam in the magical world. This is a game of magical quest that enables you to feel the magic. As you would be able to access the 360 degrees around yourself, you would have a better experience.

Pistol Whip

Everybody is fond of the first-person shooting games. The steam gamers are not the exception as well. In order to maintain the demands, the steam VR community has launched the Pistol Whip. This is a simple game yet attractive.

In this game, you are equipped with the pistols and you need to join the quest of defeating your opponents. There are some different modes of this game as well. You can play the game with your friend in the challenge mode or duel mode as well. Furthermore, it has some other levels like survivor mode as well.

The Best Steam VR Games Exclusively For You
The Best Steam VR Games Exclusively For You


We believe that all members of the VR gaming community are aware of Beat Saber. After all, it is the most popular VR game. In the same format, the steam VR community has recently launched a game. This game is Audica. This game is also a shooting game of space with a quest.

But then why such a name? Developers of the game or no fool! They have added numerous beautiful music and rhythms to it. These music play when you play the game and they change as the situation changes.

It is probably the first Steam VR game that has a combination of gameplay and music. This is the reason behind such a name.

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