The Best Part About Playing With The Top VR Games

top vr games

Are you looking for the top vr games for Rift, or are you simply confused as to what kind of vr game you should be getting? Many Rift gamers have a hard time identifying which games they should be getting, or which ones are simply vapid, throwaway affairs that won’t give them any incentive to continue playing. But if you look at the sales charts for popular online role-playing games, you’ll see that there’s been a recent surge in the number of top games that have managed to gain fans and followers. World of Warcraft, Zelda, EVE Online, and Aion: Age of Conan all experienced significant increases in player numbers during recent times. And why? They’re compelling, engrossing, and just plain fun to play.

Rift Campaign

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It’s no wonder then that people want to try out these top vr games, and there’s no better way to do that than with a Rift campaign. Not only will you get to level up faster, but you’ll also find that the game is much more balanced in the secondary slots, which is what you’ll need to focus on if you want to get the most from your character in Rift. For example, if you want to tank, then you’ll want to play in the offensive slots, where you’ll put a lot of points into stamina. If you want to DPS, then the secondary slot is for the ranged attack skill, which will allow you to easily kill enemies without taking too much damage yourself.

PvE Elements

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So how can you tell which are the top vr games for Rift, and which ones aren’t that great? Well, fortunately for us, there are some criteria that we can use. For one thing, most of the top vr games on Rift currently feature PvE elements, so they are primarily quest based. A couple of the notable examples are Dragon’s Crown and the Ruins of Gilneas, both of which involve trekking across Gilneas and the surrounding area to do battle with enemy forces. The top Rift quests right now are the ones in the Heartwood and the Deoria regions, both of which take a while to go through and are filled with lore and secrets for players to learn.

Lot Of Exploration

The top Rift games, then, are those which involve a lot of exploration, both in the world of the game itself and within the quests themselves. In fact, while the story campaign in Rift does introduce a few new quests every once in a while, the bulk of the game’s narrative is told through your character’s interactions with the environment. When you’re not adventuring around the wild lands of Telara, you can be found running through the environments and engaging in hand to hand combat with opponents. Whether you’re gunning down an enemy with a well aimed sword or blasting them with an ionized berspawn, the top Rift video games all include a strong element of adventure and exploration.

Summing Up

Another thing that you can do is to find some puzzles that can be played while you are playing the Rift. The best vr games have puzzles that you can do while in the game itself. The best part about these puzzles is that you do not have to grind out the levels or worry about finding the right materials or items in order to solve the puzzle or make use of the item. If you like solving puzzles, then you will love playing with the Rift because it has plenty of puzzles to keep you busy and the best part about it is that it will not cost you anything but your time.

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