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Star Wars VR Gaming Experience: Fight With Darth Vader

If you want to experience the real virtual reality experience, star wars VR is the right thing. At some point where there is revenge occurs between New Hope and Sith, just before Rogue One, it is the time when Darth Vader lurks on Mustafar. Moreso, this is the 3-part virtual reality experience Vader Immortal that is launched by Oculus Quest and Rift.

Additionally, this was by the starting of the year and the second episode was released just a month before. May be by November you can expect the final instalment. By December, you can be ready for a perfect virtual midnight snack.

Star Wars VR Gaming Experience: Fight With Darth Vader
Star Wars VR Gaming Experience: Fight With Darth Vader

Star Wars VR

Let’s learn about the two episodes released at the beginning. When playing these two, I felt like they are immersive theatre and well-produced. You will definitely feel like, they are nothing but the home version of the best theme park experience. This story takes you inside a volcanic planet named Mustafar.

Here the Death Vader tries to intercept the player’s character. Later he sends him to the hidden temple with a mission to complete. There is extreme lightsaber swinging and they have used Force in a good manner. ZO-E3 is the companion droid here and voice is by Maya Rudolph.

Big Vader showdown is the final episode. Ben Snow, the director of ILMxLab’s Vader Immortal has the opinion that some part of this story was arc conceived. This was from the beginning and done with David Goyer’s writing.

There was actually a crosswire that existed in most of the comic series. Some of the designs of the characters were actually taken. The later backstory of Mustafar has been taken by them and it was integrated into some comic storylines.

Vader Immortal

This actually happens just before Rogue One and hence it should get unconnected from Rising of Skywalker and The Mandalorian. Just for the matter since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which is going to get launched by December. ILMxLab thinks that Vader Immortal is nothing but the best way to keep exploring things that should be done with this Star War way beyond films, theme parks, and games.

Here they wanted to experiment a bit and tried their best to push the medium. Or this can also be explained as understanding the medium in a different way.

We started to think of other ways to tell stories using this medium and finally, they learned that there is no need to follow rules. Earlier they even received comments like no one will like this narration for more than 12-minutes in the VR. But the first episode released was for 30 minutes.

Star Wars VR Gaming Experience: Fight With Darth Vader
Star Wars VR Gaming Experience: Fight With Darth Vader

New Episode

Surprisingly, the new episode is almost 45 minutes. When we count the total of three episodes, they end up in two hours. This is almost the same as the territory of a feature-length film. They bought these for $10 each from Oculus Store and the total cost was $30.

When compared to the earlier ILMxLab immersive apps like Project Porg on Magic Leap and Trials on Tatooine, this was the ultimate experience of Star Wars VR.

Star Wars VR: Bottom Line

Along with the story-based part in Vader Immortal, there is one more lightsaber-training dojo mode. In this game, a classic Star Wars lightsabers are completely unlocked for play with Kylo Rens.

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