Scary Games on the PC – The New ‘Ghostwire’ Horror Games Are Finally Here

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If you like a challenge and are looking for a fun video game that involves the exploration of an unknown yet intriguing surroundings, then horror games for PC can provide you with just thatYou will have to discover clues and solve puzzles in order to uncover the secrets surrounding each incident, but ultimately it is up to you to decide what you want to do with the information that has been revealed to you.

When it comes to horror games for PC there are currently 5 top horror games that are shaping up to be some of the best upcoming video games on the market. The developers of these games have put in the time and effort to create a game that captures the hearts of horror fans everywhere. Below I’ve listed the five best upcoming horror games for PC.

Single Player Hidden Object Game

One of the best upcoming horror games for PC is calledicles. This is a single player hidden object game that is currently shaping up to be one of the best horror games for PC to date. You play as Alex, and your goal is to find the lost daughter of an ancient rich family, and to discover why she has gone from alive to dead.

Another top scary video game for PC is called Dead Reckoning. This is another co-op action adventure game that utilizes the use of the internet. You’ll be working as a member of the International Rescue Team in search of survivors after a plane crashes. Your job will consist of searching for survivors, while also taking on waves of enemy soldiers that are after the downed survivors. You’ll be able to fight and take down enemy soldiers, as well as find items and weapons to help you in your quest. As you gain experience in this competitive multiplayer first person shooter, you will also be able to choose which character you want to be and how you will develop throughout the game.

Check Out Dreadgeon

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If you are looking for a competitive multiplayer first person shooter video game that has been completely overhauled, it is time to check out Dreadgeon. Dreadgeon is currently going through alpha testing right now, which you can take advantage of by checking out its official website at the link below.

When I was looking for a new competitive multiplayer scary game, Dreadgeon is hands down my favorite new scary video game for PC right now. It is completely redesigned using the newest technology, and is being developed by a highly successful gaming development studio located in New Zealand.

Top Team Behind Dreadgeon

A new development studio out of New Zealand, Ghostwire has turned out to be the top team behind Dreadgeon. What makes them so special, is that they have utilized the very cutting edge technology that is required to create a totally unique and highly intense online cooperative horror game. You will need to check out their website for a full tour of their amazing co-op campaign, which is called The Darkening. This highly competitive multiplayer online role playing game is sure to be extremely fun for fans of horror games and horror video games in general.

Another brand new scary title on the competitive multiplayer side of things is The Darkening. Here, you will need to join up with another player to take on the evil forces of darkness. When I took a look at the game, I was very impressed with everything, from the extremely well designed graphics, to the extremely creepy atmosphere that this game creates. As you play, you will also be able to control your character in order to get through some of the more difficult sections of the game. If you have never played any of Ghostwire’s previous games, it would definitely be in your best interest to do so, as you will truly be drawn into this completely new game.

Bottom Line

With these three great horror PC games right around the corner, it is time to start dreaming about the new season of horror PC gaming. Each of these titles are incredibly atmospheric and creepy, as well as being very challenging. In fact, all three of these titles provide very intense gaming action, as you battle against waves of the dead. I am sure you will love them when you finally get your hands on them! The Darkening, Decay 3, and The Darkening are all soon to be available for pre-order, so why not start checking out the sites where they are available right now?

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