Read This List To Play Horror VR Games That Are Most Popular

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You love them, or you hate them, but one thing has turned out: VR’s Horror Games are a whole new experience. Closing the real world, including the desk, screen, lights, and family, and injecting directly into the awful world, is quite exciting. We’ve rounded out the best VR Horror Games available that fear you good.

Layers Of Fear: Loneliness

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Layers of Fear: Loneliness is the VR version of the long-running horror series. You are a painter living in a Victorian mansion. Sounds good, right? Well, your psyche isn’t doing too well, and you’re having a hard time making your masterpiece. Maybe those horrible hallucinations can help? As your mansion breaks down around you, things become finer and hairier, ending up being interesting.

Alien: Isolation

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Alien: Isolation didn’t start as a VR game, but it’s now clear that it’s a game best experienced through dual lenses. Using VorpX with Vive or Rift will allow you to experience the horrors aboard Nostromo first like you, Amanda Ripley, seek out your mother. You have no weapons other than the sharp intelligence of a razor. Can you reveal the truth about your long-lost mother?

Dark Days

Dark Days takes away the feel of classic TV shows like The X-Files and Twin Peaks and turns it into psychological for Thriller Gear VR. It has a long, compelling story where your mission is to discover a motel’s haunting secrets located in the fierce desert. There are a lot of puzzles along the way, and you’ll be thinking about this long after you’re done.

Wilson’s Heart

Wilson’s Heart is arguably the best single-player horror game for Oculus Rift. It has a long, fascinating story, beautiful graphics and a truly haunting atmosphere. You wake up in a hospital that descends into madness, and there’s something strange in your chest where your Heart used to be. Are you ready to find out the secret? Try this today.

Until Morning: Blood Rush

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood takes you on a rich carnival trip with decaying attractions, adds psychoactive gases, and gives you one hell of a scary time. Your task is to collect the highest possible score by shooting almost everything around you – bowling pins, false ducks, balloons and murderous clowns. While this game uses some jumping fears, it’s an everyday creepy environment that gets under your skin and stays there.

Here They Lie

Here He Lies your lover Dana wears a yellow dress. It’s easy to pick up in an otherwise flashy world, but you never get to feel caught up in him. The city is full of memorable characters that aren’t quite right, and the excellent soundtrack only adds to the peaceful atmosphere. This game is so scary; your wounded psyche has predetermined rest areas – we recommend using them.

The Last One: Lethal layer – Intrusion

In a world where you are a soldier with a brain connected to a virtual world, you must protect your computer system from a virus. How do you do this? By cutting blood through an army of zombies. You have to do multitasking to solve problems on your computer while dealing with waves of enemies who want nothing more than to eat your brain.

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