Ps4 Horror Games – Some Gaming Options You Need To Explore

ps4 horror games

Horror is something that is lacking in movies. As we move ahead, people want something in the name of horror to be entertained. To feel the horror, people are moving towards horror genre games, but here’s a trick. The horror games are real when played on the best gaming system. It is due to the PS4 with its controller vibration effects to clear Dolby sound. Nothing can beat the ps4 horror games. This article has got you covered positioning the top 10 ps4 horror games in this list with a brief detail about the plot of the game.

Zombies Ahead

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Believe it or not, zombies are something that never goes off the trend when it comes to horror a full packed entertainment with thrilling twists and turns to make your heart beat faster than it could with our list of ps4 horror games you can easily pick the most thrilling and your choice zombie apocalypse game so that you not only watch it on screen but experience living in that world and know difficult surviving in it can get, starting off the list the first one is

World war z looks impressive with its high graphics and effects of killing, the game is based on the 2013 movie, but the main target of this game was to give satisfaction to everyone out there wanting to hunt down zombies. It surely did with zombies coming out from everywhere leaving no corner empty will make you reload your gun more than you could think.

Dying light: the following, something that makes this game stand out is this game is not just some zombie shooting game, this one actually run all over the zombie game yes, you read it right it’s a driving over the zombie game along with shooting them and the effects are so top notch that satisfies every inch your soul.

More Games

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Resident evil 2 remake well what is a list of zombie games that doesn’t have this game on it the game has everything from good story line to slow horror, action or boss fights everything is incredibly good

The next 2 on the list are Telltale games walking dead and the last of us and both of them require you to make smart choices to survive in the perfectly eerie environment. These games are just the definition of a properly well-designed zombie game.


Horror games are often misunderstood with a woman in a white dress sometimes these games have more than you could think and well this is the list of top ps4 horror games and there is no compromise in quality here with thrills to mind-bending puzzles the list has got you covered. The games mentioned above are something every horror genre fan should try if they are looking for some good ps4 horror games and experience the thrill and fear the way they have never experienced.

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