Protect Your Circuit or Your Board with This Alloy Case! Well Made and Heavy Duty So Don’t Miss This

Is protection has become a matter of concern for you to prevent your circuit or boards? Or looking for various protective materials which provide excellent security to your circuits or boards?

We have used aluminum for several years as a conductor material. Similarly, alloys are excellent conductors, if we combine structural strength having an acceptable conductivity.

Today the electrical industry is using aluminum, high voltage lines are purely made with it, motors and power lines to your home’s circuit breaker board are all of aluminum.

Aluminum is used everywhere in the electrical industry. They wind motors with it; high voltage lines with it, and the drop from the power line to your house’s circuit breaker box is probably aluminum.

The only type of it which is effective for thermal decadence and PCBs is the one.

Let’s have a look into some more pros and cons of aluminum alloy cases for circuits. With heat sinks.


  • Accessory Type – Cooling Fan
  • Material – Metal
  • Compatible With – Raspberry Pi 4 Model
  • Color – Black

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1. Provides full protection to your board/circuit from dust and any damages.

2. Contains unique property of Heat-conducting to prevent the alloy case from overheating

3. Quickly heat dissipation and prevent the circuit board from burning.

4. You can also use these custom enclosures in your DIY projects.

5. Brushed treatment, surface sandblasting, comfortable hand feeling, and wear resistant.

6. Provides excellent heat dissipation and electromagnetic shielding performance.

7. You can use it for heat-dissipating aluminum casing of electronic items, circuit board aluminum box, DIY, anti-thunder aluminum shell, etc.

8. The package includes- 1 aluminum alloy case, 1 heat sinks set, dual fan module, and 1 screws tool set.

9. In desktop computers, heat sinks are used to cool some chipsets, RAM, GPUs, and CPUs.

10. We also use Heat sinks with high-powered semiconductor tools like optoelectronics, including LEDs and lasers, and power transistors, where heat dissipation capacity of the component becomes insufficient to moderate the self temperature.

11. It is environment friendly, and as we all know that aluminum is a non-toxic and recyclable material. Thus it is considered being good for us and for the environment as well. Moreover, it also conserves energy as it is so simple to work with.

12. Cost effective material, aluminum is available in immense quantity and is also easy to mine. This makes the use of aluminum alloy cases cost effective than other metals.

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1. If the temperature of the electronic item increases, it may cause heat sink failure.

2. Heat sinks with negative temperature, as icing problems may arise.


Aluminum alloy case for circuits having heat sinks has many benefits, but simultaneously it has minor drawbacks as well.

Using them carefully and precisely is the only thing that you should keep in your mind.

We would suggest that you buy these aluminum alloy cases for circuits having heat sinks for proper cooling facility!

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