Online Games That You Should Download In Your Devices

Online Games

Playing games on your tab or PCs is the best way to keep you busy and entertained in this pandemic situation. This will greatly help in keeping your mind active along with providing the opportunities for the players to build their careers in the gaming field and earn a great amount of money. Plenty of online games are available on different platforms that offer you the flexibility to choose the best according to your talent and preference. Some are thrilling mission games while others are designed for entertainment.

Most Played Games Online
Most Played Games Online

Confused in selecting the best one, given below are some of the most played games online that you should download in your devices.

PUBG Or Playerunknown’s Battleground 

This is the most famous as well as downloaded online games in 2020 till now. The game has greatly occupied the internet and with time, the numbers of players are increasing rapidly. This game is usually based on armor along with H1Z1. It also allows 99 players to enter the game at a time. The main reason behind the achievement of the game is its graphics as well as a real situation. In the game, the player is assigned with the mission and a map where he has to find his enemy and kill them to win the game.

Fortnite Battle Royale – One Of The Best Online Games 

This game is always on the list of players for a long time. The game is common among the boys and getting popular every day. It also provides more equipment for the payers to win the game. The gameplay is somewhat like PUBG but offers the freedom to select the weapon according to the need and mission.

Apex Legends 

This is the best online game for beginners. Being simpler than many others, it offers the most thrilling experience to the player. The game has a team of six players with 3 players in each squad. Each squad is left on the island where they have to collect weapons and other resources to fight against other teams. The winner is decided with the number of people left in the squad. Ping communication and map can be used to locate the team members as well as enemy present nearby location.     

Online Games For Fun
Online Games For Fun

Counter-Strike Is The World’s Popular Online Games

The game is full of excitement as well as thrilling experience which usually builds a scenario of terrorists and counter-terrorist attacks. In the game, players have to plan and diffuse bombs, secure their location, complete mission, kill terrorists and guard the hostages visible on the map. The game is based on a multiplayer shooter game pattern. After killing the enemies and completing the goal, the winner gets rewards along with cash and prizes.

Over time modifications and changes are done in the game to enhance its graphics and user experience. The game is portable with OS, Microsoft Windows, and various other devices that allow the player to improve their gameplay without any problem.    


There are various online games that can really help you in keeping you entertained as well as busy in your boring time. Download the game and start earning along with establishing your career in the gaming field.        

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