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Like a white background, you can add a whimsical touch to your living room walls by mounting an enticing wall watch.

How much do we think a wall clock is interesting, trendy and functional? Though we look many times a day up to the clock, we don’t realise how the interior of our house is personalised. It brings colour to even the blandest walls, while it supplies the decor with sophistication.

The designs, material and function in each model are different. You should choose the style statement according to your preferences, depending on the layout of your living room and the presentation. The gold wall clock is a well-placed feature that improves your living room’s visual appeal and quality.

In order to add elegance and charm to your living room, we’ve curated some of your best gold wall clocks. In the following guide, we reviewed all the designs which will take your guests’ attention.

Acrylic Quartz

This is a 24-inch diameter oversized wall clock. It consumes little electricity and operates on a single AA battery. The style is very new and the lines 12, 3, 6 and 9 hrs are straight. The quiet sweeping action means that it works without disturbing its surroundings. This timepiece is highly requested for its retro metal finish.

Within 7-8 days after putting an order for the commodity we got. It has been the centre of attention for several occasions at home since we had this mural on our living room wall. The architecture is such that the overall décor of our house is not disturbed. It has a full structure of the metal. And hands are made for the hour and minute.

This clock weighs about 4.4 pounds and is somewhat heavier on the heavy side. However, you will receive three pins and a metal screw which makes the wall mount easier. This clock’s scale and construction make it an elegant piece of furniture. This delicious rim brings glamour to this clock’s overall structure.

This wall clock has added to the living room a little antique touch, which makes it a part of our home decor. You won’t hear ticking sounds, otherwise, you may be distracting, with the quiet quartz activity.

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Brand Name-MR-Yacub

Origin- CN(Origin)


Model Number-12S015

Is Smart Device-  no

Shape – circular



Form- Single Face


Weight- 380g

Motivity Type-Digital

Type-Wall Clocks

Wall Clock Type-9 mm Sheet

Pattern- abstract

Feature- Antique Style, DIY

Applicable Placement-living room

Combination- Separates

Display Type-Needle

Width- 120cm

Body Material-Metal+EVA+Acrylic

A person cutting a piece of broccoli


  • Easy maintenance
  • The big size makes it suitable for big living rooms
  • Sophisticated design makes it perfect for both traditional and modern homes 
A clock on a table


  • Not easy to read
  • Might not complement the walls of small living rooms with a lot of decorations


Choosing a wall clock can become a little difficult for the living room, as this innovative interior design contributes to your home’s general decor. It serves a twofold function by taking the visitors’ attention and making an image of your character.

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