It Is Not A Good Time To Change Your Apple Watch If You Destroy It! Protect It Using This!

The Apple range of products are packed with features and a leader in the tech world with good reason. If you own an Apple Watch, you’ll understand how enjoyable experiencing the wealth of different applications plus the mere convenience of leaving your handset behind as you work out.

Apple’s range of products is the pinnacle of mobile technology. The Apple Watch, similarly, tops other smart watch makers with raw power and a great ecosystem. With all these upsides to this luxurious smartwatch, you’ll be out of luck once you damage the device. 

To prevent this from happening, get yourself Baseus’ Thin Protective Glass for Apple Watch 1 2 3 4 and 5.  The 3D Full Coverage Tempered Glass For iWatch 4 3 2 Screen Protector is a standout accessory every Apple Watch owner needs to have. But what is so special about this protective device?

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Baseus’ Thin Protective Glass For Apple Watch –Robust Screen Protector

The screen guard is composed of five layers merged into one. A hardened coating sits on the screen’s outer portion followed by a Nano-thin layer that repels fingerprints. Afterwards, there is a soft fibre layer and a reinforced hydraulic layer. The innermost section is composed of glass that improves picture clarity by allowing in as much light as possible.

The glass will shield the entire front surface of your watch’s screen curving at the edges. If the device happens to experience a sort of impact, the force is distributed across the glass surface, and there isn’t a single point that takes in the full force of the accident.

By distributing this force, the screen reduces the impact effectively taking away any chance of your watch’s screen cracking.

Sometimes, screens tend to get chipped at the edges on impact. This is because the protector used isn’t practical and doesn’t cover the entire surface. This protector employs seamless edge protection to keep your screen’s edges safe from cracks.

No Fingerprints

Even smartphone screens tend to attract loads of fingerprints. Many protectors tend to follow suit and hardly keep off these unsightly smudges. Baseus, on the other hand, created a highly responsive product to touch and clicks are instant. Needless to say, you won’t be wiping off fingerprints any time soon.

There is an invisible film incorporated into the protector transmitting light. The result is a high-quality image output from your Apple Watch.

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  • Full coverage even at the watch’s edges
  • Scratch and explosion-proof
  • Five layered glass protector will repel significant impacts keeping your Apple Watch whole
  • Baseus is a recognized global accessory brand with much repute


  • Not compatible with newer Apple Watch models


Get an Apple Watch to go along with your Apple device today to wholly enjoy tech innovation. Not only will you realize the convenience of leaving your phone behind, but also be in a position to realize your fitness goals. However, keeping the device intact is only the first step to enjoying it, and Baseus’ 0.23mm ultrathin protector will get the job done.

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