If You Are A Real Gamer Then Do Not Miss Out On These Top 3 Index Vr Headset- Advantages And Limitations

index vr headset

Index VR headsets are cool, aren’t they? For those wishing to have a real gaming experience, it is a must. Continue reading to know more about them! The craze of virtual reality games has increased considerably with time. Now is the time when every next person wishes to experience the same. If that is the case with you too, an index VR set is something that you can’t miss! If you have a gaming pc and a desire to play VR games, you got to have this amazing equipment. Index VR headset not only enriches your gaming experience but also gives you a mind-blowing virtual reality feel. The more sophisticated the headset is, the more real would be your experience. Index VR headsets offer gamers a very real vibe because of the ultra-detailed vision and sound effects. You don’t wish to miss it, right?

Advantages Of Index Vr Headsets

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As discussed above, index VR headsets aim at providing you with the most enriching virtual reality experience. Most headsets seek to cover as much area of view as possible without compromising on the resolution aspect. A good brand’s index VR headset will always give you an amazing virtual experience. You will have a hard time differentiating between imagination and reality! Once learned, the headsets are very convenient and easy to use. It is not that only technical geeks or experts can find a way with them. Anyone and everyone can do that, it’s no rocket science!

Best Index Vr Headsets Of Different Brands

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Valve Index

It is the most popular yet Index VR headsets in the market. It guarantees an amazing virtual reality experience to its customers. It comes with a great field view and high resolution. But all this cuteness comes at a high price, which is the only opposing point.

Oculus Rift S

Another great Index VR headset in the market! It comes with a high-resolution LCD. The field of view is 110 degrees. All this makes it yet another popular choice!

Samsung Odyssey Plus

This one is cheaper than the others. It has a good resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It covers a field of view of 110 degrees.

These were a few of the best-selling companies of Index VR headsets. The prices and features can vary depending upon the choice you make!

Limitations Of Index Vr Headsets

Nothing in this world is perfect! As cool as Index VR headsets seem, they are as expensive as well. The fancier the equipment, the more would be the cost. Moreover, it needs to always be tethered to a PC which might not be as convenient to some. Most of the Index VR headsets use the lighthouse system which is again a little inconvenient to use due to an increase in synching complications. These technicalities sometimes frustrate the people in the initial stages of gaming. However, despite all these facts, Index VR headsets have continued to grow immensely over time. This is what proves that it is all worth it, in the end!


Index VR headsets are a must if you want to engage in VR gaming. So, if you are in a mood to experience virtual reality gaming, what’s stopping you from buying one? Even though you got to spend a bit, the mind-blowing experiences these Index VR headsets bring along with them are incomparable!

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