How To Use Your Wii Virtual Console With Other People

wii virtual console games

Your TV must also have at least a composite video input, and an analog VGA input. Next, open your Wii’s CD/DVD drive to insert a blank DVD. Your DVD drive should only be able to read Wii video files. If it can, your Wii is in “write” mode, which means you have successfully created a virtual console game disc.

Playing In Wii Virtual Console Games

Now, to start playing in Wii virtual console games, connect your Wii wireless controller to either the Nunchuk or Classic controller, if it is applicable. You will then launch your Wii console, which will prompt you to insert a Game CD or DVD. Follow this process:

If you are playing Wii games on a TV, connect your TV to the computer using an HDMI cable to connect the two devices together. Download the latest version of the Wii software from the Wii download website, launch the Wii software. Wait for it to copy all the files that you need (including the game) onto your hard drive. When the process is complete, launch your Wii game disc in your Wii. If you are using a DVD-ROM drive, insert your game disc, and follow the onscreen prompts to install it into your computer.

Connect Your Wii Wireless Controller

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Now, to actually play Wii video games, connect your Wii wireless controller to either the Classic controller or the Nunchuk, if it’s applicable. Navigate to the Wii menu, select “My Wii”, and then open it up. Navigate to “Virtual Console” and launch the console. Once there, launch any of the games available – including those that you have purchased.

If you do not have any of these, you can still use these video games even though you do not have an adapter. Simply copy any Wii games that you have into your hard drive using the copying software that came with your computer. Then launch the copying software, launch the video games, wait for it to copy them into your Wii’s memory. When the process is complete, launch the game once it has completed copying.

Launch Them All At Once

If you have downloaded lots of virtual console games, launch them all at once by going to Wii support. Launch the Wii interface through which you can launch Wii games. If you want to launch all the games at one time, use the /oos cheat code. Enter this cheat code while launching the game. After the code has been used, launch all the games that were installed on your Wii using the Wii remotes. You may need to restart your system in order to see the changes.


There are many sites that will allow you to download Wii games for free. Visit a couple of these sites and get your video games for free. If you decide to purchase a Wii game later on, the site that gave you the free video game will still support it. These are games that were developed by third parties. It is not recommended that you download games that have viruses or spyware. There is no guarantee that the games will work with your Wii.

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