How To Select The Best VR Horror Games For You

best vr horror games vive

Are you looking for the best VR Horror Games to play? You have come to the right place! In this article I will tell you why horror games are the best to play. In fact, these scary games are going to make you jump out of your skin!

What makes aVR Horror Game scary? Well, there is no exact science behind it, but there are certain things that can add that extra spice to a VR Horror Game. Let me give you few examples of what I mean.


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VR Horror Games are all about atmospheric setting, and one of the best ways to create scary effect is to do a good job with lighting. How can we achieve this? Well, some games will have scenes with total blackness, while others will come alive with a bright, colorful environment. When you are playing a VR Game, don’t be afraid to make use of all the lights available in the environment. It adds more sense of reality and scares your imagination too!

Sounds -VR Horror Games are about sounds, a lot of sound. They are meant to make you jump out of your skin. Don’t forget about the textures and the sounds as well. They add an additional sense of creepy atmosphere. They are also great for providing the right ambiance for a game to succeed.

Moving Objects

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VR Horror Games can be quite terrifying if they allow the player to interact with the environment. In fact, objects within the game itself can be used as weapons. For example, a person can find a frozen body of a monster in the game and try to thaw it out. You can also find a glowing ball that needs to be shot into a specific location. The object acts like a real weapon and can be used like one when necessary.

Doors you can’t see -There’s another reason why aVR Horror Game might be very scary. Not only is it about the creatures you meet but also the doors you cannot see. Some VR Games can actually lead to rooms you can’t go to. This adds even more atmosphere and scares.

Music – VR Horror Games are known for their excellent music selections. The soundscape can really put the fear in you. Some VR Games has entire themes in them. When played in the correct environment, they can be truly terrifying.

Cutting The MiddleMan

VR Horror Games allow the player to interact directly with the game, cutting out the middleman. You can try out the game, kill a few monsters, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. No third party required!

Objective-oriented -VR Horror Games can be quite linear in their approach. There isn’t a lot of room to develop an idea. There’s only one way to win and that’s to be the first person to survive. Killing everyone and anything that crosses your path is the purpose of the game. Being that there is only one objective, it becomes easier to become engrossed in the challenge of completing it. There isn’t usually a lot of room for error or to get lost.

Not over the top -There aren’t any jump scares or blood spattered scenes in most horror games. They are typically brief. They are designed to create a lasting impression on the player. They are designed to frighten, but not to make them jump out of their skins. While a VR Horror Game may not be completely horrifying, it does its job very well.

Bottom Line

The real horror is good -VR Horror Games can actually be the scariest experience if the player doesn’t know how to approach them. By taking the time to become acquainted with the environment, the enemies and other items in the game, you can become the master of your situation. By understanding what makes a situation scary, you will have the ability to create your own atmosphere that will be scarier than anything your friends or family could come up with! Learning how to scare is the best thing you could possibly do for yourself in the world of gaming!

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