How To Get The Most From Your Wireless VR Headset Experience

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The best way to transfer audio from a computer to your wireless headset at the right speed is wireless. However, that does not mean always being stuck in a tangled mess of wires, either. Taking away all the wires, cables, and computer peripherals and packing everything into a wireless headset was, for a long time, a long-held goal in the virtual reality market, because this would enable the consumer to open up the possibilities to truly feel like they are in the game. The truth is, wireless headsets and other remote control headsets have come a long way in the past few years, with features that rival those of even the highest-end gaming headsets, and have truly made the experience of using the headset that much more authentic.

Kind Of Sensors Used

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The first thing to know when buying a wireless VR headset is what kind of sensors do you need in your headset? There are five major sensors used in wireless VR headsets, each of which detects an entirely different set of objects. These include the two eyes of the Rift headsets, which pick up eye movement, head movement, and the movements of the hands. There are also two microphones on the Rift, which pick up sound, and the position of the face about the headphones.

Next is the ability to connect to PCs wirelessly, which allows for users of the HTC Wildfire or any other Windows-based HTC phone to use the headset wirelessly. For many gamers, wirelessly running a game can be one of the biggest advantages of having a wireless VR headset, because it eliminates the need to continuously connect to a computer to play a game. This means no more worrying about an internet connection or a poor one, and no need for a USB cable, either. With the Wildfire, users will only need a high-speed wireless connection.

Great Features

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However, there are a couple of downsides to wirelessly using a wireless or headset. One of these is that it makes the entire headset extremely portable, but this is only a small drawback if you consider the rest of the features of a quality wireless headset. Also, it is important to realize that not every PC is capable of running the Rift properly, especially if it is a gaming hardware device. As a result, you may encounter some errors while playing, but with a quality wireless headset, this is usually not an issue.

Some of the most common wireless VR headsets utilize external sensors, such as the two microphones on the front of the Rift. Although these are commonly thought of as essential for an enjoyable VR experience, they can cause the most realism for your gaming experience. Because these two external sensors pick up sounds and movements around the room, they are excellent for creating a more immersive environment. However, the downside is that they can be fairly expensive, and unless you are a serious videographer, you probably do not need them. If you are only interested in getting behind the wheel of your favorite car, then the headsets that do not utilize these external sensors are all you will need to get the most out of your wireless or experience.

Popular Option

A second popular option used by many mobile VR enthusiasts is a mobile VR headset called a PCVR. This stands for ‘phones only’ headset. This is a great choice if you want to still be able to enjoy quality VR but don’t want to carry around a headset. A lot of people who are into mobile VR believe that they are much better experiences because they do not require a headset. While this is largely untenable in some cases, the fact is that most headsets tend to suffer from some degree of comfort loss when not in use. For this reason, a mobile VR headset can make an excellent alternative if you are not going to be using a PC or a mobile phone.

The final option for headsets is the PlayStation Vr headset. This is the most common option out there. Essentially, what you are doing with a PlayStation Vr headset is mirroring your actions with a remote control. You use the same controls that you would when playing the game; the left stick moves the player forward, moves him left, and the right stick moves him right. With the wireless option on the PSVR headset, you no longer have to worry about wires coming off of your head and messing up your vision. As mentioned earlier, all of these options can be used with PCs as well, meaning that you have even more options when it comes to which type of wireless VR headset you should get.


The thing about any wireless VR headset is that for the experience to be as authentic as possible, you need both a PC and a PlayStation Vr headset. Without either of these, the entire experience will be compromised, and the virtual world will come out distorted. However, most people do not realize this fact, and they simply leave their headsets on to make sure that everything is working. If you do not realize this, then you may be in for an unpleasant surprise once you go to start playing your game. However, by making sure that both your headset and the sensors are set up properly, you will end up with a very smooth experience no matter if you are playing on a PC or a PlayStation.

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