How to Find the Best HTC ViR Games

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There are horror games that can be played entirely in VR, and many horror titles are being designed for use with the HTC Vive and PlayStationVR. The ability to scare your friends and family has been around for decades with video games, but only now is it taking the virtual reality experience to a new level. With the HTC ViR, there is finally the opportunity to experience the thrill of a true horror game with the highest resolution and graphics on the market.

Scary movies have always had the unique mix of fright and comedy, and that has made them so very popular. You can find plenty of scary movies on VHS, and even some on DVD, but they are all fairly low quality. That has been the case for a long time, but with the introduction of high definition VR, it’s possible to enjoy your favorite scary movie in ultimate reality when you play video games on your computer. This is especially important for kids who have grown up loving the scary movies of yesteryear and are now looking forward to enjoying the same type of scary experiences in a much more intense way thanks to the power of the HTC ViR.

Make Playing Terrifying Video Games Safer

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Hitting the right trigger will cause a series of jump, scream, and blood sprays to hit the right targets, and the HTC ViR is designed to minimize the potential for physical harm. The headset has a number of different sensors in order to achieve this, and the cleverly placed “light switch” will instantly shut off the video games applications if you or your child gets too near the light switch. The goal is to make playing terrifying video games safer and more fun than ever before. This also means that kids get the chance to learn a bit more about what causes Halloween and the dangers it can cause, and will hopefully be less likely to get hurt while trick-or-treating or camping.

One of the coolest features is that kids get the chance to be a part of the development process. In fact, they have their very own virtual haunted house to explore. When you approach the front door, you will see a map on the wall that points out where you need to go next. Inside the haunted house, kids get to choose from a variety of mini scares, ranging from rats that are jumping at your face, to vicious monsters just waiting to pounce.

The Ability To Turn Your PC

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The HTC ViR headset has the ability to turn your PC into a makeshift VR studio. You can look around the room and see the affect the environments have on your guests, and then you can tweak certain elements to make things go better. There is even an audio track that plays in the background, helping to immerse your guests into the moment and making them feel more comfortable. 

The use of a motion sensor will help prevent people from getting hurt accidentally and will help to keep everyone safe from the terror that is lurking. In addition to HTC ViR headsets, there are also other horror games on Vr that are compatible with the platform. These games let kids learn to be scared as they master the art of creating fear in others. 

They are not only fun to play, but they also teach kids the importance of staying calm in scary situations. In some situations, your child might have to stay down on the floor to avoid getting hurt. They will learn to identify when they are in danger and how to react accordingly.

Support The Fun Horror Games On Vr

You can also purchase the HTC HDTV to support the fun horror games on Vr. The HDTV will allow kids to be drawn into the game by playing on their televisions. They can move around, change the camera and more through the intuitive remote control system. 

This makes it easier than ever for kids to learn how to become a master horror game creator. In fact, once they’ve created their first horror game, they can invite their friends to join in on the fun. If you’re looking to find some fun horror games on Vr, the Internet is always a good place to start. 


There are a number of websites dedicated to this popular virtual reality platform that have entire sections devoted to demos and trailers. It’s also a great way to find some of the best HTC ViR headsets and other peripherals on the market. With a headset and some creative imagination, kids can really bring a horror theme to their next gaming session.

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