Horror Games Pc Ideas For Kids Who Love Xbox

horror games pc

People have started showing more interest towards horror games and with this interest growing, kids are also looking for some exciting games to pass time during this Quarantine period. Now, it is not possible for you to completely eliminate the idea of gaming when they are expected to be locked in the house for days. Child Xbox Games constitute the Xbox games played by children on computers or laptops. These games are simple and indulging. Here are some Child Xbox Games.


Lego is more suited for children aged 7-8 years. There are many Lego games of famous franchises. They include Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jurassic World, and also AC and DC comics. There are almost 20 Lego video games released. it considered a role-playing and strategic game. The costs vary from country to country but its cost in the USA is $29.99. This video game is based on the plastic construction toy building blocks called by the same name. Lego Worlds is a famous game in Xbox in which the Lego bricks are manipulated with LEGO models. One can create anything imaginable with bricks and other landscaping tools. Various mountains and islands can be created. To make it more fun, there are transports like helicopters, dragons, motorbikes, or even gorillas and there are treasure hunts to keep the interests of the players. One can also communicate with other players by the creation of characters and creatures.  

Plants V/S Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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Plants V/S Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is an action-packed adventure game mostly predesigned for the age groups of 5-8 years. This game also falls under the criteria of strategy games. In this multiplayer video game, a town named Suburbia is taken over by zombies, so the brave plants must restore the town to normal. It is a multiplayer third-person shooter game that is slightly addictive to play. This game costs $19.99 on Xbox One. The game features eight classes. They include the Peashooter, the Foot Soldier, the Sunflower, Scientist, Engineer, the Chomper, the All-Star, and the Cacti.

More Horror Games

We have suggested only 2 games from the list of horror games available in the market and you can always look for the ones that your kids love the most and purchase a came within a small cost for them to play.  There are games you can specifically look for that involves less violence and when you are supportive of the gaming methods, you can make sure that the kid is in their limits, learning to improve their gaming experience but not the violence that comes along with it. It can be a slippery slope but it is possible for you to do a bit of research and find out the right games for your child.


Xbox games are fun to indulge in over weekends. It can also provide a source of entertainment at kids’ birthday parties or playdates. We hope this article gives you an idea of what kind of games you can share with your child if she loves to game.

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