Holiday Virtual Games – Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

holiday virtual games

As your employees are working remotely from home, there really isn’t any reason not to have an annual holiday virtual party. Many productivity and time-saving tools, including VoIP, are available to companies today that can provide a cost-effective solution to having a virtual office and meeting place at the office. Virtual conferencing and Zoom are two great platforms that are used in the global marketplace to give your employees a sense of physical presence. They not only can attend an online or telephone conference, they can take their PC or notebook home with them and attend a real-time conference. If you need to send a memo, have a staff meeting, or wish to update everyone about a special project or initiative, virtual conferencing and web conferencing is the perfect solution.

Your staff may be hesitant to travel out of town for an office gathering or special project, but they will appreciate the convenience of being able to stay in the comfort of their home when they need to attend a meeting. If you want to spice up this annual holiday event, consider offering holiday virtual games to get everyone in the mood. Whether your staff is having a dress up game night, a black tie game night, or a board game night, these fun new features in the new age of business meetings, can be just the ticket to make your office holiday spirit begin to flow.

The holidays are known for food and drink, so it is easy to provide prizes for a festive virtual office holiday party game night that will keep team members awake, refreshed and eager to work hard. You can create virtual treasure hunts, build snowmen and Santa’s, or create a virtual obstacle course complete with lava lamps, ramps, spinning dart boards, and more for the obstacle course game night. With the right graphics, music, and fun challenges, your virtual office team members are sure to be ready to have fun and win some great prizes.

Are you in charge of procuring Christmas decorations for a church office building or school? If so, then you may be able to use a few of your office supplies to create your own holiday themed virtual games. The office supply market has become extremely competitive, so there are many great games available for your holiday games night. Try creating Christmas puzzles, a new spin on the classic Christmas tree decorated puzzle, or even a new version of the well known Christmas cracker. Other fun ideas include holiday trivia games that can be played on the website or in your office.

How about a Christmas virtual party game that pits your office workers against each other in a virtual Christmas tree race? Design your own virtual office Christmas party sign in the shape of a Christmas tree, place a red and green blinking light on the sign for team effort and see who gets the best time during the race. The virtual Christmas tree race is played on the website with a number of Christmas themed icons along with realistic sounds and graphics. The website also offers other holiday themed activities such as a snow flake pattern maker, snowman making and much more.


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If you want a unique employee celebration that goes beyond traditional parties, consider using a virtual office party idea to celebrate your team’s hard work. Set up a virtual office party in your office and plan activities that will allow employees to socialize and have fun. A digital photo album and icebreaker game are fun ways to celebrate the holidays in a digital setting. Consider a holiday special video with your favorite corporate artists that features behind-the-scenes shots of your team’s accomplishments during the year. A good digital camera and some free editing software are all it takes to make a great employee celebration video.

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