Guide To Buy Headset, Mouse, And Keyboard For VR Games

VR Games

Virtual reality gaming is the 3D application to create an artificial environment and it is created by VR software. You can play VR games laptops, PCs, and standalone systems. There are multilayered and individual VR gaming. Some player’s play in the physical environment and some involve auto- racing, acrobatic flying, etc.

The basic requirements for VR gaming on PC are headset, mouse, and keyboard. Here is a guide about them given below.

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Guide To Buy Headset, Mouse, And Keyboard For VR Games

Headset For VR Games

 Always buy a headset that feels comfortable to you. Normally, a lightweight headset is comfortable. If you buy a heavy headset with padded headband then you cannot bear it for long and will quit the game early. Always consider the design of the ear cups and the material for which it made. If the ear cups are made with poor padding or from non-breathable material then it does not feel comfortable. 

Always buys a wireless headset for VR games as it transmits sound fast. They use their receiver or transmitter, not Bluetooth, this provides support to features like surround sound, etc. You have to consider battery life, sound quality, price, weight, and other requirements while buying a wireless headset.

Other features like design, microchips, surround sound, durability are also necessary to consider while buying a headset. Open-back design is best, as it offers natural sound. Also, unidirectional mics are the best.

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Guide To Buy Headset, Mouse, And Keyboard For VR Games

What To Look At In The Keyboard?

To play the best free VR games, you should also have the best keyboard. When buying one, you should consider its size and customization options. Full-sized keyboard included alphanumeric sections, number pads, function keys, cursor keys, etc. So, tenkeyless size or without number pads keyboard is the best choice for gaming, as it saves space.

They have taller keys i.e., mechanical switches. They have their stems, housing springs, etc. They come in different varieties and allow 50 to 60 million clicks before they need to be replaced.

At last, the customization and macro buttons are essentials in the keyboard used for gaming. The macro buttons only need single keystroke to work. If you want different texture and customized print then remove keycap and then swap out switch.

Mouse For VR Games

It is important to consider the shape and size of the mouse. It should perfectly fit in your fingers or hands. Most of the experts advise that if you control your mouse by your fingers then, the shorter, lighter, and thinner mouse comfortably fits in hands and has great control. If you control it by your palm then, longer, the wider and heavier mouse is the best. You can buy Rechargeable Wireless Vertical Gaming Mouse.

VR Games
Guide To Buy Headset, Mouse, And Keyboard For VR Games

You should consider its speed of response. The mice with laser light or LED and a tiny camera are the best as they can detect the movement of the device against the mouse pad surface. You should also look at the software of the mouse. It should adjust the settings like customization of the effect of the light etc.


VR gaming is the new trend and getting popular among gamers. With certain accessories, one can experience the best gaming experience.

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