Great Ps4 Horror Games That Will Chill You Right Out

ps4 horror games

PS4 horror games are truly some of the best you can get on your new gaming console. While you do see fewer horror titles on PC, the PS4 does still have quite a bit to offer. In fact, you can bet that there is a PS4 horror game waiting for you. What type of horror games can you find on the PS4? Read on for some surprises.

PS4 Horror games

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The first game to jump to mind when talking about PS4 horror games is Dead Reckoning. If you have already played the original, you know that this is definitely a spine-tingling game. A couple of years after the original hit the scene, it returns with an all-new chapter. This time around, you get to take on the role of a man with amnesia who has fallen from heaven and landed on earth, where he has to find his way back home before things get totally out of hand.

The Story behind PS4 horror

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One of the scariest games you can play on the PS4 is of course The Evil Within. The story behind this game is about a young woman who finds herself trapped in a mental institution after trying to kill her abusive father. You play as the woman trying to get out while fighting off waves of evil entities that are prowling about the facility.

The Order 1886

Another of the top PS4 horror games out right now is The Order: 1886. As you can probably guess from the name of the game, this narrative unfolds with a story about a man being possessed by an evil organization called The Order. The Order wants control over the world, and if you are not careful, you could very well become their next victim.

The Last Friday

If you enjoy gun shooting-based gameplay then you are going to love The Last Friday. This game gives you a chance to get some hands-on gun shooting action as it tells the story of a group of students who must learn more about each other as they try to defend themselves from the paranormal forces that want to take control of the college. The Last Friday gameplay involves a new type of ammo called “gunpowder.” This ammo can be used for a variety of things in this game including camping or defense against the monsters. You have to learn how to properly use gunpowder and other things during your gameplay in order to ensure your survival.

Of course, you can expect many of the same great features that we see with horror games when it comes to multiplayer or single-player titles. This includes crafting, deciphering locked doors, and hunting down clues about the murderer. There are a wide variety of settings and themes with this title including an alternative history story and a historical account about the serial killer that terrorized the college.

Other Horror Games

Other great horror games that you can play include the Friday the 13th Game, a remake of the successful film franchise. Here you find a group of teenagers that must save the world from a monster that attacks on Friday the 13th. In this game, you will be able to jump right into the action and begin playing right away. Although the story is based on a true story, you can feel free to add your own characters and plot twists to the tale.

The Dead Reckoning is another of the many single-player horror games that you can play. This game provides you with hours’ worth of scares, blood, guts, and more. If you want to play a scary game that you can finish in a short amount of time, this is one of your best options. You can play this game by yourself or with up to four other people that you know. This allows you to increase the difficulty of the game as you progress through the single-player campaign.

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