Give Your Room a Shining, Stylish, and Modern Atmosphere Feeling with This DIY Wall Clock

If you love refurbishing and are planning to renovate the house in your style, then this product is perfect for you. This Acrylic DIY 3D Wall Clock is designed in such a way that it adds to the beauty of your room. Even a small and simple room with a plain wall can look elegant and stylistic if you add this to it.

About the Product

This clock is made up of foam which is covered with Acrylic, which gives it a shiny glow. It has to be stuck to the wall with an adhesive, in the fashion that the owner likes. It has a special mirror effect, which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the room. The design of the clock is very creative, with half the time written in numbers and half in words. It works with a normal AA battery which has to be fit behind the clock. The diameter of the clock is 40 cm, with 400mm length and 80gm weight. The display type of this clock is that of a traditional needle- each to show hours, minutes and seconds. It comes in bold and interesting colours like red, yellow, silver and black, which can be chosen according to the colour of the wall, where the clock will be stuck. 

A clock on the wall

Pros of The Product

  • Beautifies the room: This clock helps in beautifying and adding extra glow and attention to a boring wall. Many clients have agreed that everyone who visits the room enquires about the clock.
  • Flexible: The clock can be stuck in any form, according to the owner. It can be spread and formed by a large clock, or it can be compressed to form a smaller one.
  • Modern and minimalistic: This product is a next-generation modern and minimalistic one, which will be loved by most because of its simple yet elegant design and look.
  • Perfect for gifting: This product can also be a perfect gift to loved ones. As it has a DIY feature, there will be connectivity with the product as the owner would’ve spent his time and energy assembling it.
  • Easy to assemble: as it comes with the instruction sheet, which provides the required details, it is very easy to assemble.

Cons of This Product

There are no specific cons of this product. It is only an indoor product and not meant for outdoor. The colour of the product should be chosen, keeping in mind the colour and design of the wall of the house or office. Also, there are only four colours available in this product.


This product is a smart choice if there is a large, plain and empty wall in the house. It helps in making it look attractive and beautiful. Since it is available in classic colours, it can be matched with the other items of the room as well.

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