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free horror vr games steam

This category includes many scary stories such as witches, vampires, and all other creatures who haunt dreams. These games provide the player with jump scares, creepy sounds, blood, and more. They can be played in single player and multiplayer versions too.


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The first free horror game we are going to look at is “Vampiress”. This is a very scary game because it is based on real life events. You can play as Alice, who is a young girl who is on her own at night after her mother has gone missing. Alice starts to visit a house that looks like a nice, quiet home. However, the address is nothing more than a front door that is oddly locked.

Once inside the house, Alice finds herself trapped in a room with several rats and a vicious vampire. She uses a flashlight to see exactly what she is looking at. Alice can only see the part of the house that is lit up with a lamp by the fireplace. The blood stains on the carpet give Alice reason to fear for her life.

If you get too freaked out, there is help at the end of these scary games. Some of these games even have sounds that match the creepy scenes. You might be frightened, but you’ll know that help is on the way when the blood starts to pour or the enemies start attacking.

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Another great game is “ported”. This game is full of atmosphere and scares because you have a real sense of danger every time you play. It’s free and has more detail than many of the other horror games on Steam. A few of the options include the “scary hallway”, “blood covered couch” and “shopkeeper”.

In the game “ported”, you get to find yourself in a lighthouse and have to explore the grounds. Every room has something different to discover, from a locked room to a crypt to a monster with a tail. Some of these rooms have better graphics than others, so you may want to get a game that matches your current graphic quality. Graphics can become really advanced and cartoon-like as technology gets better, so it definitely becomes more advanced over time.

“ported” has an option where you choose between three endings. Some are scary, some are romantic and some are just plain weird. There is also a “credits” screen so that you can get a full idea of what your current progress looks like. These endings can be changed at any time. I enjoy the free scary Christmas game on Steam, as it is extremely similar to playing these old arcade horror games. They are still fun, though I suppose, since they are not actually very scary.


You can easily find these free horror games on Steam. There are a variety of gaming sites that offer them, so be sure to check them out. And, you probably know, you get what you pay for when it comes to free stuff. You won’t get the superb graphics or the best sound effects with the free ones, but you will usually get enough content for a decent gaming time. Be sure to check out my blog for more information on how to get free PC games!

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