Do You Need To Connect More Than One Screen? Check This Amazing HDMI Splitter, You Will Love It!

The Ugreen HDMI Splitter, 4K HDMI Switch for Xiaomi Mi Box Bi-Direction 1×2/2×1 Adapter HDMI Switcher 2 in 1 out for PS4 HDMI Switch makes it very simple to connect one or two devices such as your PS4 or your XBOX with your single port television set. It also helps you switch between the HDMI sources very easily. 

Ugreen HDMI Splitter 4K HDMI Switch for Xiaomi Mi Box

Television sets can sometimes have one HDMI port, making it very difficult to plug in more than one device when you own a gaming console. This bi-directional Ugreen HDMI switch clears out those hurdles. When you get this, you can easily connect one or two devices and switch between the HDMI ports. The bi-directional port will also allow you to connect one HDMI source to two displays. This is known as the HDMI Splitter Mode. Although both the displays won’t work simultaneously, at a time, only one display will work. The setup is very simple. You will not need any kind of extra power supply. All you have to do is press the specified button when you wish to switch between the HDMI ports. Coming to Quality, the bidirectional port offers 4k resolution.

Along with the great display, it also has a rich audio quality. It is compatible with most devices that have the standard HDMI interface. This bi-directional HDMI is a must-have if you own a gaming console like the PS4 or the XBOX. You won’t have to keep shifting your connection every time you wish to use it. Furthermore, you can also connect your PC using this HDMI port, so buy your Ugreen HDMI Splitter 4K HDMI Switch for Xiaomi Mi Box today. 


  • Connector B: HDMI
  • Gender: Female
  • Type: HDMI Cables
  • Connector A: HDMI
  • Bundle: Bundle 1
  • Packing: Carton Box
  • Package: Yes
  • Application: Television
  • Outer Diameter: HDMI Switch
  • Product: Bi-directional HDMI Switch
  • Fuction: 2 in 1 out/1 in 2 out
  • Characteristic: HDMI switch
  • Feature: HDMI Splitter
  • Optional: HDMI Cable
  • Chips: TS3DV642+ENF202
A close up of a computer


  • It is bi-directional 
  • Allows connecting two displays 
  • 4k resolution video quality 
  • Rich audio quality 
  • Has a stable transmission 
  • Compatible with almost all devices 
  • It does not require any extra power supply 
Graphical user interface


  • You can only connect one display at once
  • Can connect a maximum of two displays


Overall, this is a great buy for people who use their television set for gaming. It makes the entire process of connecting the HDMI port and also switching very easy. It does not require any extra setup, it just has to be connected to the television set, and then it allows you to connect one or two HDMI connections as per requirement. It is a one-time investment that will go a long way. All it requires is plugging it in, and you are done. It does not require any maintenance or servicing, and you can use it for years and years. If you are into gaming, this is one great option. 

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