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best vr horror games vive

If you’re a fan of the horror genre they you definitely enjoy seeing horror games and playing horror games.You know a horror game is really good when the game manages to totally captivate you and immerse you into them. This is achieved through designing bone-chilling sounds, lighting and an overall scary atmosphere. Virtual reality or VR horror games alleviate the games to a whole another level. Once you start playing it you would surely believe that the horrors are real and happening before you. It can be played on various platforms such as PS4, PS5, Vive, Occult and Quest.

The Best Horror VR Games On Vive

VR Games

If VR horror games are your jam, put on a pair of virtual reality glasses and get ready to play one of the five scary VR games that we’ve listed below:

  • Red Matter: The basis of this game is based on a mission that the player has to undertake to a secret research base on one of Saturn’s moons. After a sci-fi cold war occurs in the wildly engrossing story, the players try to investigate a top-secret research project. The game will keep you guessing and hides secrets that make you wish that you had never found out about them at the first place. The puzzles of the game are accompanied with beautiful extra-terrestrial visuals made possible by the truly astonishing capabilities of virtual realities will astonish you and surely leave you awestruck!
  • The Walking Dead – Saints and Sinners : Completely revolutionising the boring Walking Dead game and its generic zombies, Saints and Sinners has managed to make zombies scary again.

With stunning visual aesthetics achieved through virtual reality, saints’ sinners manage to rise Above usual zombie related games. Flawlessly portraying the desperation of mankind in such gruelling circumstances, the game is ruthless whether you go up against zombie soldiers or human survivors.

VR Games
  • Dreadhalls : Filled with claustrophobic dungeons and long hallways, this game will keep biting your nails and at the edge of your seat. You’ll be supplied only with a dim lantern along with a limited supply of oil, all the while braving the horrors that creep within the dreadhall. The only way to fight the creatures craving your flesh is stealth.

Audio cues paced at specific times that make you aware of the upcoming horror is another that makes this game really scary.

  • The Brookhaven Experiment: It’s a pretty plain and simple game  in the sense that there are no elaborate puzzles that you need to solve, it just relies on keeping you engaged by releasing horde upon horde of monsters coming at you from all sides. You probably recognise almost all the monsters as they’re usually cult classics. In this five hour of an experience, you’ll have a survival shooter that’ll provide you with the means to survive in this monster laden world while taking out monsters of all sizes. The game will keep you on your toes by sneaking up monsters behind your back and keep your heart racing the entire time.
  • Narcosis:  A psychological thriller based on the deep dark underwaters of the Pacific Ocean with almost zero hope of returning to the surface this game creates a truly scary scenario along with its arsenal of deadly marine organisms. You’ll have to escape to the surface before the oxygen of your suit runs out all while braving the nightmare ocean depth at the risk of losing your own mind. A slow-paced game primarily focused on exploration, the soundtrack of this game has been composed by Akira Yamoka, the composer of The Silent Hill Series.
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