Cheap VR Headphones – Where to Find a Cheap VR Headset For Cheap

cheap vr headset

Having one of the best inexpensive VR headsets is easier than it seems. Thanks to several companies now diving into producing affordable VR headsets using either iOS or Android smartphones to handle the heavy lifting of VR needs, you can now purchase a cheap VR headset at a good price.

These devices are now being used for many different reasons, including watching live video and images through their lenses, listening to music while you’re in a virtual environment, and gaming. While the latter might sound like a lot of fun, I won’t deny that it’s not all that easy when you’re trying to avoid neck, head, and arm strain during a prolonged session.

NOS Nike Eezee: Cheap VR Headphones

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One of these headsets I recently bought was a headset called the NOS Nike Eezee. This device has a two-inch LCD screen showing me visuals in real-time, a five-megapixel camera for recording your video, and an accelerometer that can tell your head position.

The good thing about the Nike Eezee is that it comes with two microphones on its left earbud, allowing me to hear my voice clearly from wherever I’m going. I can also adjust the volume with the touch of a button, but I would recommend buying headphones if you’re doing anything serious with this device.

One feature I like is that it allows me to listen to my MP3 music while I’m wearing it. It works very well. I also love that the phone is lightweight, which means I can easily carry it around without worrying about dropping it.

Built-In AM/FM Radio: Cheap VR Headphones

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The NOS Nike Eezee also has a built-in AM/FM radio, which I find extremely useful. As I’m typing this, I’m listening to an oldies radio station, so that helps me relax. This headset comes with a USB charging cable, making it very convenient to have on a plane, bus, or train, where I frequently travel.

The good news for me is that I am not paying high prices for my NOS Nike Eezee headset. Because there are now several good online retailers that sell them at a great price, however, it’s important to be aware that shipping costs will vary between sites.

Money-Back Guarantee

Headsets can be broken easily, so you should only buy from stores that offer a full money-back guarantee if you decide that you don’t like the headset. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away because most online retailers sell them new for a reduced price. So long as you understand how it works, you should be fine with these headsets.

It’s worth noting that the best deals can be had on eBay for the NOS Nike Eezee. I’ve found that this is often the case, especially if you can get free shipping.

As a final note, don’t just assume that a cheap VR headset is necessarily bad. There are many great companies out there that still put a lot of thought into the headsets they’re selling. I recently bought a new Gear VR, and I liked it!

Final Words

When choosing one, it’s worth remembering that you want something stylish and durable. I also prefer a headband design rather than the standard straps, which means I can wear it around my neck.

If you’re wondering what the cheapest way to buy a NOS Nike Eezee headset is, I would recommend eBay. That way, you get the chance to test out the many different brands out there and find the cheapest one that suits you.

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