Best VR Box Games

Best VR Box Games For iOS and Androids: Know more

There are a lot of options if you are searching for Best VR Box Games. There are many which work with both Android and iOS but some only meant any of these platforms.

VR Box Games

Let’s look into some of the best VR Box Games.

Best VR Box Games For iOS and Androids: Know more
Best VR Box Games For iOS and Androids: Know more


This game works with both iOS and Android. This is one of the action games that are a multi-coloured racing game. This takes place in the micro-world that is completely unique. This micro-world actually succeeded in recreating the anatomy of the human cell and it is highly impressive. The details of this world are truly amazing and along with entertainment, this can also bring some education too.

Here players will be riding in the capillaries and even in connections. Along the way, they try to take inner peace. The things that you will get amazed by are scaling and the depth. Playing this game is really worthwhile and it also offers you a boosting soundtrack.


This game is meant for iOS. Here the player will be walking with the dinosaurs. This will directly take you to the prehistoric world and this was the time when dinosaurs were freely roaming. You can see them fighting against each other and they do it every now and then. Meantime they kick back everything and relax in the sun.

This app is truly the best one for kids. There is no need to have a headset to enjoy this game. T-Rex is also included.


This game works well for both Android and iOS. This is much more than just a video that can be transformed using VR. You can expect to learn about still images that take whole new dimensions. 360° photospheres are something that you can really explore in this app’s dimension. Here you can get the feeling of standing on Mars, experience the fireworks of the New year happens in Hong Kong harbour, and ascend Glastonbury Tor.


This game is for Android and here you will be a cute little astronaut. This cute little thing has a mission that is to destroy the asteroids. It is ready to face death and this game completely utilizes the focus control. Here focus control is utilized as a targeting device mainly for launching homing missiles. Here you can collect wrenches, batteries, and meantime improve your aim. Along with that you can also restore shields and adjust gravity.

Best VR Box Games For iOS and Androids: Know more
Best VR Box Games For iOS and Androids: Know more


This game is made for both Android and iOS. Here graphical mesh-blending is utilized and this is similar to most of the Battlefield games. They succeeded in simulating the cannon commanding on wheels. Here the player should destroy maximum targets and meantime he should also manoeuvre his tanks to reach the next checkpoint. For reaching the top spot players should also compete with each other and they should make use of in-game leaderboards.

VR Box Games: Final Thoughts

There are many amazing games through which you can experience VR and these are some of the best ones.

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