Best Virtual Birthday Party Games To Sparkle Up Your Zoom Celebration

virtual birthday party games

This pandemic has almost ruined many birthdays this year. But that would not happen to you, and you can mark that.

With technology, it’s possible to host your virtual birthday party in several ways. 

You can certainly have an extravagant virtual birthday party this year. And we are up with some very cool virtual birthday party games that would enhance the fun quotient of your celebrations. These virtual birthday party games are witty and fun to play with your friends through your laptop or phone’s screens. So get ready to know about them and embrace your birthday bliss.

Top 5 Best Virtual Birthday Party Games

To play virtual birthday party games, you need to install video calling software, like Zoom or Teams, that can group as many guests altogether. Here are some fantastic virtual birthday party games to pep up your party.


A group of people sitting at a picnic table

This Pictionary game is one of the most played games by players of all ages. To play it virtually, divide your online guests into two teams. They can download Pictionary Word Generator to generate random real-time words to draw. Generally, Zoom features a whiteboard, where the dinner draws the word, and the players from his team have to guess it.


A group of kids

This is one old-school game that still feels fresh whenever played with friends. To play, download a Scattergories Letter Generator and share the link with the guests. You can even divide your screen with the other players. There is a timer that keeps the time count. Before the time goes up, the players have to fill as many categories as possible with the given letter. In the end, the unique word gets more points.

House Hunting

This is a fun game for adults, and it could be more appealing to the younger players as well. The host needs to name something that he wants his friends to go and fetch from their house to play the game. You can name some simple stuff like fruit, pair of red socks, a battery, etc. In the case of adults, you may get your guests on a wild ride by asking to get a beer can, a lighter, or a trimmer. The one who does it fast and correctly receives the points.

The Birthday Bingo

This is one of the easiest and most fun virtual birthday party games ever. You may install a Bingo Card Generator, generate and share the bingo cards with all your friends before beginning the game. Call out the numbers, and let the payers cut them. You may add some game prizes and get them delivered to the winners later to make it more exciting.


As per the present scenario, it won’t be untrue to say that Video calling is the colorful future. The world is facing a bad phase loaded with several quarantine restrictions, social distancing, staying home, working from home, etc., but celebrating our loved one’s birthday online and playing fun-filled virtual birthday party games eases out the stress a bit.

Although you may miss the fun of smashing the cake in each other’s face, the birthday bums, or dancing together, these virtual birthday party games will certainly let you enjoy the celebration and have quality time. So try out these virtual birthday party games at your next online birthday and sparkle a bit more.

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