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mobile online vr games

VR games or virtual reality games are the new hype and rage in the world of gaming today. Everyone wants to own Virtual reality games and enjoy playing the near-real world. Here you can take the form of your desired characters and play to the maximum level of your pleasure. If not used sensibly, virtual reality games may leave a bad impact on your health and mind. If played sensibly, these can give you an enjoyable experience and leave a good impact on your mind. Here is a brief analysis of how you can get the best results from your VR Games.

How To Get The Best Results From Your VR Games?

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  • Fix a time limit and never try to play beyond that limit.
  • Never play a game continuously. It is always recommended to switch off the tool and remove it, so that you can see normally around you. This will relax your eyes and your mind too.
  • Never let little children play unattended. The VR games might leave a bad impact on their minds.
  • Always ensure that they play positive characters so that they do not get too violent in life.
  • Get a good VR headset so that you can get the best vision with your games.
  • Download Oculus Rift to get the maximum pleasure from your high-quality VR headsets. 
  • Learn the basics of using a VR handset as it sometimes offers some advanced features. If you learn how to use them properly, you can get the maximum results from your VR Games.

Mobile Online VR Games

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Here are some of the most popular mobile online VR Games for both Android and iOS:

  • Incell

This game is available on both platforms. It is a multi-colored action-racing game that happens in a micro-world. It recreates the anatomy of a human cell in the minutest detail, thereby giving it an educational angle. Players ride along capillaries in the inner space of a cell. The visual effects, depth and graphics makes this VR gaming experience quite ideal.

  • Dinotrek

This VR game gives you the opportunity to walk along with dinosaurs. It gives you an up close and personal experience with the prehistoric world. You can fight amongst each other every now and then or just relax in the sun. You do not need a headset to enjoy this game.

  • Orbulus

This one is not only a video that is drastically transformed with VR, but has impressive images that give it a whole new dimension. The app has a virtual environment that allows you to explore many 360 degrees photospheres. You get to stand on Mars, ascend to Glastonbury Tor and even experience the fireworks on Hong Kong Harbor. 

  • Waa!

This game is available only on Android. You get to play the role of a little astronaut whose only mission is to destroy asteroids or face death. This game is based on focus control that is the target device for launching homing missiles. The game works very well and one also gets to collect batteries, screws, and wrenches that help improve your aim. 

These are some of the best mobile online VR games.

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