Best iPhone VR HMD System – How Good is it

best vr headset for iphone

So, are you investigating the best VR headphone for the Apple iPhone? Here is your best review of some of the most popular high quality VR headphones for the iPhone in the market today. Great quality of headphones for VR headsets have increased tremendously since the introduction of latest iPhone devices. They are now more compact and lightweight than ever before. The revolutionary nature of incorporating two technologies together for a single solution, makes these headphones to be one of the most innovative and useful gadgets ever created by Apple Inc. For this reason, they are highly sought after by consumers around the world.

An Overview

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The iPhone is not the only device that supports the use of VR headsets, but other phones also support the same technology. To get the best of headsets for your mobile phone, it is important to find out the specs and features of each model. If the model uses the same optics system of iPhone and HTC, then the quality of sound should also be similar. However, if the two models differ in terms of the display resolution, optical audio quality and viewing angle, then the iPhone is the better option for you. In this article, let us discuss different types of optics system used in these headphones for iPhone and look at their overall performance.

One of the most common brands of headsets for the iPhone are Lufthansa and Philips. Both these brands manufacture both standard and premium quality headsets for iPhone and HTC/VR headsets respectively. Lufthansa produces excellent quality of sound inside these headphones. Standard yuppie headsets however have poor audio quality, which can be easily remedied using external sound cards.

Popular Brands

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The third popular brand of an effective vr headset is Philips. This manufacturer offers both standard and premium quality HTC headsets for virtual reality usage. Many of the apps that can be found on smartphones can also be played through a Philips iPhone vr device. If you want to use your smartphone as a powerful tool for virtual reality, then these headsets will be of great help.

There are other companies that manufacture smartphones that work as virtual reality headsets for iPhone and HTC/VR headsets. These brands are Harman, Plantronics and Logitech. Each one of these brands offers premium quality sound systems inside their headsets. However, there are differences in the visual appearance and user interface of each one of them. So, before deciding upon a particular brand, it is advisable to read the specifications and reviews of the product.

Lighsugar, one of the leading brands of iPhone and HTC/VR headsets, also makes iPhone or headsets that work as excellent sensory enhancers. The best of headsets for iPhone work with infrared light sensors. Lighsugar’s I OLED infrared sensor can detect IR light from anywhere up to 20 feet away. This sensor can be used along with a wide variety of interactive experiences such as games and video apps that will enhance the user experience.

Best Headsets

The best headsets for the iPhone also work with the revolutionary Leaf sensor that is designed by Leaf. The iPhone/VR headset is compatible with many of the leading apps including Google Maps, Yelp, Nike, Viber, Evernote, Amazon Kindle, Weebly, YouTube, Skype and many more. The Leaf sensor uses a mechanical touch screen that responds to the slightest pressure. This works as an enhanced sense of touch, so the more users will find that their iPhone vr headsets work better with their hands. The best vr headset for iPhone/HTC Vive is designed with user analytics in mind.


The best vr headset for iPhone and HTC/VR headsets are packed with all of the best technologies and features. These gadgets have some of the most amazing graphics and videos available on the market. They have the most realistic motion sensors that can sense your movements and deliver heart-pounding experiences. If you’ve been searching for an iPhone/ VR solution then this is your chance to get one. Get your own iPhone and HTC/VR system today.

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