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best horror vr games

The best horror VR games are the ones that will scar your brain and set you back weeks or even months for re-playing them. That’s because they are so incredibly terrifying that any second that you boot up the game, you will find yourself scream for your PC. But then, this probably isn’t the case with the best horror PC games, because many people who play these would never dream of playing something scary again, and simply look forward to more scares in their life. And this is exactly what horror games do for you – they create fear in you so that when you’re done with them, you simply can’t stop thinking about them.

Know Why These Are The Best Horror Games

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The reason why these are the best horror vr games is simple – they are terrifying. But not just in a normal way. The scariest things aren’t normally seen as horrifying by the human eye. The eyes are trained to move away from the things that are truly horrifying, but with a VR headset on, you are suddenly presented with an environment that is truly terrifying.

Dreadhalls Vr

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So here’s one of the best horror PC games around, and it’s one of the scariest games you can have running on your computer. It’s called Dreadhalls vr, and it gives you a true scare. You see, when you play this game there are two things running through your head. One is your fear of what you are going to see, and the other is your fear of how you are going to die. You will be strapped to a chair in a dark room, and your goal is simply not to get discomfort from whatever you see.

Combination Of Vr Boost And Daydream View

However, this will be easier said than done, because in this game, your eyes are something that needs to be kept open. This means that you are constantly looking around to see if anything is moving, but you don’t necessarily want to look directly at anything that frightens you. You do want to make sure that you are looking at the walls and ceiling, though, because you’ll definitely want to look up and see if anything drops down. That’s about all the object that you need to keep an open mind for.

If you think that this sound level is pretty intense for a VR headset game, then you’ve got the right combination of VR Boost and Daydream View to make it even scarier. VR Boost allows you to stay ahead of the scares that are coming to you. You can turn your head to any direction at all, and your eyes will remain focused on whatever it is that frightens you. Daydream View puts the entire environment into perspective, so your perspective in the game is as terrifying as your actual experience. Both of these features combine to give you the best terrifying VR experience possible.

Final Words

Finally, you’ll also want to think about the jump scares you add to your headset. You’ll want to look at the jump scares in a few different angles. You should look at them from far away, and you should look at them from close up. Sometimes a child will watch a frightening movie, and they’ll mimic the movement of that object in their head over again. That’s why you need to read next about the best scary horror vr movies for your headsets.

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