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The section pertains to any port or slot on the console to which a circuit board (cartridge, memory card, etc.) or cord (controller, A/V, etc.) is connected. The best course of action is to scrape the problem slot, or port with a toothbrush dipped in isopropyl alcohol, shaken to remove excess. This is particularly effective for cartridge slots, where you don’t have to worry about being delicate. It also works with pin-based controller interfaces (such as the Genesis and Atari 2600); be cautious not to bend the pins.

 Other ports with hooks on the cord that are put into holes on the console (such as the Genesis A/V cable) can be cleaned by pressing the toothbrush against them and sliding the bristles into the holes; however, this isn’t always necessary. Instead, take a t-shirt or other thin cloth, dip it in alcohol, and wrap it around a credit card as an alternative to cartridge slots. To clean the slot, slide the cloth-covered card in and out. Side-to-side movement may harm the pins, so only go up and down.

 If you tend a slot or port, you should also clean whatever goes in it to avoid dirt accumulating on the connector in the future. Again, this is particularly true of cartridges. Once you have access to the laser lens on a console that uses optical discs, you can clean it rapidly. Top-loading consoles (PS1, Saturn, etc.) make it simple to get to the laser by opening the top.


·        Brand name: TECTINTER.

·        Sony is a compatible brand and model.

·        There isn’t any with USB.

·        Is customized_ no

·        Model no: PVR-802W Lens

·        Sony Model: PlayStation 2

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• Light’s Effect on ROM Discs: Although the effects of light on ROM discs over time are unknown, the impact of long-term exposure to ambient light, such as room lighting, are generally regarded to be so minor that light is not considered a factor in the ROM disc’s lifetime.

• Light’s Effect on R Discs: Prolonged exposure to UV light from the sun or other sources can hasten the breakdown of the dye (recordable) layer in R discs.

• Light’s Effect on CD-RW and DVD-RW, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM Discs: Light should have little or no effect on RW and RAM discs because the phase-changing film employed in these discs is not light sensitive.

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• There are some risks: it could go down at any time, just like any other gaming console laser lens.


If the console doesn’t have any stickers or metal parts, you can soak it in hot soapy water and scrub it clean with a towel or a toothbrush. After that, please keep it in the water for a few minutes before rinsing and air-drying it. Keep in mind that you may need to blow the water out of screw slots and that you should do so with a strong blast of air. In many cases, wiping clean the console’s plastic with a moist cloth is sufficient to remove most filth. However, if a console has many grooves that can trap dirt or fear there are bugs within, you should clean it.

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