A Look At Some Psychological Horror Games For VR

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If you have not yet tried a true terror game on full-scale virtual reality, then you are in for quite a treat. Many of today’s horror games for PSVR are psychologically realistic, but there are also plenty of other options for having your heart pumping along with jump scares. These horror games are more than just jump scares, though – they take the player on a journey through the darker side of reality. In short, these games are psychological horror games that are terrifying because they make us think about the worst possible scenarios. If you think about it logically, the very idea of the “trance” was to make the player feel like they were somewhere other than where they were.

Here Are The Best Horror Games For VR


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It is one game that can be played with the HTC Vive and the PlayStationVR. BioShock is a top selling game on the HTC Vive and the PlayStationVR, so you know it will be a good fit. In fact, it is so well made that people are playing the game with both headsets at the same time. It’s a good idea, too, because if you have any doubts about the VR hardware, you can play BioShock on the HTC ViRidge. People will be literally jumping around their living rooms playing this game.

For those who have yet to buy a PSVR, The Evil Within comes to mind. It is one of the best horror games for PlayStation VR. It takes players deep into the bowels of hell and literally shakes you down. Playing The Evil Within with the HTC VIVE makes for an experience unlike any other.

Penny Dreadful And The Developer The VR Team

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A couple of other horror games for PlayStation VR are Penny Dreadful and the developer The VR Team. Penny Dreadful is a first person adventure from The VR Team that puts players in control of a paranormal investigation. It is a fairly large leap from the traditional point-and-click adventure, where you find an object, click it, and have it move around an environment to where it interacts with something else, usually something scary.

The VR Team has created an amazing horror game, Penny Dreadful. With its use of what is called “VR locomotion”, you are able to move through your investigation using the headsets as though you were actually walking through the woods with a group of hunters around. From the investigation you progress through a series of rooms, each one scarier than the last, until you finally reach the bottom level and discover the killer. This VR title is compatible with the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and is coming out for Steam early next year.

The Forest

Another one of the horror games for PlayStation VR that is available now is The Forest. This is a bit different from the other horror games for PlayStation VR because it is not horror. You are a tourist in an eerie forest that has been damaged by an unknown force. This is not your typical first person shooter, although the environmental sounds and graphics are very atmospheric and terrifying. A few people who bought the HTC Vive did not think it was going to be very immersive, but after playing it they were pleasantly surprised at how much it was able to entice you into playing it for long hours at a time.

Last but not least is the game called The Forest. This is a horror game with a lot of jump scares, and I cannot tell you how terrifying it is to play. The first few moments present a very distorted view of the actual forest environment, and while you are being chased by the monsters in the real world, you can see them sneaking up on you in the forest with their own biomechanical creature, which they use to climb up trees. It is a very tense moment when the monsters leap upon you in the dark, and you have to prepare yourself for the worst as you desperately try to fight them off, using only your hands to fight back against these creatures who are fast and agile. Using only your hands is difficult, and you must be sure to fight them effectively to survive.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there is no shortage of horror games for PlayStation VR. They are truly horrifying experiences that are guaranteed to make you jump out of your skin. Be sure to check out the demo of The Forest right now, and try it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I am sure you will be.

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