5 Scary Horror VR Games Without Controller You Might Want To Try

Horror VR Games Without Controller

The realm of gaming has developed VR technology in a more significant direction. Virtual reality technology is becoming the latest trend for hard-dropping gamers. Computer video games or video game consoles have been surpassed by virtual reality games thanks to advances in technology.

If you are looking for the best VR games you can play with your computer or even with your smartphone, then we have listed four exciting VR games you can play without a console.

Buried Alive

To many, Buried alive is one of the perfect horror VR games without controller. You awaken in a snare six feet below the surface of a psychotic person, who wants to torture you, while battling to flee your death, with trial and obstacles.

House of Terror: Valerie’s Revenge VR

Horror VR Games Without Controller Facts
Horror VR Games Without Controller Facts

The House of Terror is a terrifying simulation in VR. Brilliantly labeled, Valerie’s Revenge VR is a neglected building full of hazards and creepy ghouls that allows you to wander. The only route is to discover the mysteries of the abandoned home and solve challenges and hunt for answers, but you will need to do something before encountering beasts. 

There are a couple of scary instances, and the safest approach to handle everything is to run this game with a headset.

VR Street Jump: Horror VR Games Without Controller

If you are looking for a game that feels horror but isn’t, then it is for you! VR Street Jump is a basic VR game that requires no game console. However, you must have a trigger toggle appropriate headset. The game starts on the path, and you must navigate the streets carefully, avoiding traffic jams and automobiles. 

As you continue to play, the road conditions increase, and your possibility of killing your automobiles by speeding. The game provides a 360 ° image of your world, which makes it very realistic and exciting. 

Furthermore, the game features voxel characters that appear very much decent and recall the frogger arcade. In conclusion, VR Jump Street is a seamless game for VR, so if you have the energy to consume, you should enjoy it. 


Tips For Horror VR Games Without Controller
Tips For Horror VR Games Without Controller

Sisters is a dreadful plot line about the destiny of twin girls. It is essential to discover the Truth; no-one fully understands what occurred to them. However, everyone doesn’t want to visit the wretched building. 

Unlike other best horror VR games without a controller, this game has secure look-based keys to help you discover the eerie house. VR head-tracking and binaural or directional sound leave you feeling like you are in the setting. 

The binaural sound of Sisters is similar to an iOS game known as Daddy Blood. The only dissimilarity is that the latter wasn’t a game of VR and relying solely on 3D sounds to frighten the living crap from you.

A Chair in A Room: Horror VR Games Without Controller

You must play A Chair in a Room when you are interested in horror movies and strange stories. This game is one of the best horror VR games without a controller for Android devices. It is designed for Google Cardboard and places you in a scenario-solver where you’ll need to locate hints and items, determine correctly, and activate the finish. 

The storylines of your choice in this application are quite brief, but quite scary, with several bleak results.

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