5 Best VR Walking Platform You Must Know About

vr walking platform

Virtual Reality (VR) is the newest trend in gaming. It completely immerses you, making it feel like you’re actually there. The best part of VR is that you can play all of your favorite games with a headset instead of on a TV or monitor!

The only downside to this new technology is that it’s not wireless, so if you want to get up and walk around while still immersed in the game, then here are 5 different types of VR walking platforms for sale right now that will allow you to do just that!

1. The Treadmill

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Yes, you read that right! Playing VR games while walking on a treadmill is becoming more and more popular. This allows you to get a workout in while playing your favorite game the most realistic way possible!

There are a few different types of treadmills that have been made specifically for this type of playing, but treadmills that you use for jogging work as well. These are slightly less efficient because the movement of someone jogging is different from someone walking, making it harder to move your avatar in-game.

Treadmills go from anywhere from $500 for a basic model to around $3,000 or more depending on the quality and features.

2. Omni Treadmill

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The Omni is a treadmill that has been designed to fit in your home! It’s compact, making it easier to store when you’re not using it for VR gaming. This machine works with all of your favorite VR games and allows you to add in a stick or even wireless controllers and you can walk and run to your heart’s content! It also includes a special mat that clamps onto the treadmill’s deck and then turns it into a moving platform that works with all of your favorite games.

The Omni is currently taking pre-orders for early 2017, but they are available for $699. Now’s your chance to get one of the coolest VR walking platforms without spending a fortune!

3. Dactyl Loc

For gamers who want to fly around in their virtual reality worlds, this is the platform for you. It’s basically like holding a large controller that has been attached to your chest and attached with straps. This is used in conjunction with an Oculus Rift or other VR headset.

This is perfect for people who are into flight games, but you are limited to just that! The Dactyl Loc is $450 and requires an Oculus Rift or any similar headset in order to work properly.

4. Virtuix Omni

The Virtuix Omni is a great way to get up and running in a hurry. It comes with a harness that fits around your waist and tracks your leg movements. This allows you to run, jump, dodge, shoot, or anything else that you want in your virtual reality world! Just be sure to have enough space for this machine!

The Virtuix Omni is $499 and compatible with a wide variety of games.

5. The Control VR Glove

This is a great entry level way to get started in the world of virtual reality when you’re on a budget. Control VR gloves work from hand movements into your controller, which then affects what’s happening in-game.

The Control VR glove is an add-on to your existing gameplay, making it easier to track what you’re doing. This is an affordable option for people who want to start playing VR games but don’t have the money or space for something like a treadmill gaming system that costs thousands of dollars.

The Control VR glove starts at $350 and works with all virtual reality headsets.

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