4 Oculus Best Budget VR Headset Of 2021

It is not difficult to find the best budget VR headset. All you need is to explore new technology, the variety of options in the market offered by different brands, what specifications you need and what all come under your budget. When you are looking for the best budget VR headset, it is worth jotting down your requirements in the rank order. 

If you have a tight budget, this means you can’t afford an expensive VR headset, so there is no point in considering them. It will only boost your choice and dishearten you when you can’t afford them. Similarly, if you want a wireless VR headset, then stop tripping up when playing; you don’t have to go through and look at everything on the market. 

4 Best Budget VR Headset

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HTC Vive 

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HTC Vive is the best budget VR headset that the latest Oculus is offering. The vibe is not a cheap quality product you are paying for its smooth graphics, effortlessly adaptable controllers, and focus quality. 

The vibe has many options of games for you to choose from, and there is no inbuilt audio. For audio, you can buy the HTC Deluxe audio strap then you can enjoy audio via headphones. 

Oculus Quest 2

The success of Oculus Quest is known by everyone, and now oculus quest two is going to break every previous record. This is the best budget VR headset when it comes to quality. It has a brand new lighter color and a more adjustable headband. 

This best budget VR headset is wireless that allows free movements than other PC VR. It has built-in speakers, and it is easily set up, one of the great resolutions. 

Oculus Rift S

While most of the users recommend the Quest for the taste of both worlds, if you are a PC gamer, then you will find no other headset more fitting than Oculus Rift S. It is comfortable to wear and has touch controllers. 

Facebook co-owned the company had once again tweaked its original formula, a new panel type, adding inside-out tracking, and increasing the resolution. 

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is the best budget VR headset on today’s list. Cardboard relies on your mobile’s screen, accelerometer, gyroscope; your experience may be different. There is a hard limit on how immersive Google Cardboard can be, and it doesn’t matter how great your phone maybe. 

The best budget VR headset or expensive VR headset have any form, shape. Google cardboard is more convincing enough to new users in a pinch. You can buy pre-built Google cardboard on Amazon, which is the best budget VR headset. 


It is fair to say that in the present market, Oculus offers the best budget VR headset and is ruling, and people with tight budgets also prefer Oculus. It is the quality you spend on Oculus and their product products last long; no major technical error has been seen in them so far. Oculus has the best budget VR headset, with supreme quality and one of personal choice.

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