3 Scariest Upcoming Horror VR Games

For years, we horror fans have only got movies and games to enjoy and jump and scream. Virtual Reality( VR) brings all of that to another level, though. Once you’ve got a headset on, you really believe that the spooky ghosts in front of you are real, even for a split second. There are many upcoming VR horror games in development for virtual reality platforms, so here is our pick of the three best and scariest Upcoming Horror VR Games.

Reasons Why Upcoming Horror VR Games Are Always In Trend

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Virtual reality technology is thrilling, and it can provide more captivating gaming experiences than were ever possible before. It seems like upcoming horror VR games would mainly benefit from this increased immersion level, and developers have recognized this, with numerous horror games currently in development for VR hardware.

3 Best Upcoming Horror VR Games

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Become A Wraith

This upcoming horror VR game is a modern fantasy horror universe. You will be the monster in the world of darkness. Afterlife shares the same setting as the game Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf, and then there is Apocalypse. In Afterlife, you will be a Wraith, one of the restless dead with supernatural powers at their disposal. The strengths will grow as you will get access to newer and darker areas. In this upcoming horror Vr game, Wraithgrasp lets you manipulate objects from a distance and change the atmosphere surrounding them. Sharpened Senses allow you to catch up on far-away whispers or track the shift of other spirits. With the Insubstantiality, you can have the power to walk through concrete walls in this upcoming horror Vr game.

The Barclay Mansion

It is a modern Hollywood decadence and occult research upcoming horror VR game. Afterlife plays against the backdrop. Barclay Mansion is a huge mansion; the player will explore it little by little, uncovering the dreadful history and the reason for their own death. Barclay Mansion shadows, ghosts, and evil wraiths. Each of the evil ghosts has its own story that has a relation to some more excellent mystery. Players need to be sneaky to keep themselves hidden, explore truth, and chase the surrounding clues.

A World Of Dark Secrets

For the first time in history, In this upcoming horror VR game, players will get to experience a World of Darkness from the Wraith’s point of view:

In this upcoming horror VR game, As a Wraith, death is not the end. As a player, you are caught between this life. Next, accompanied by their Shadow, which is an indication of their deep and dark subconscious. The Shadowlands is considering the daylight world: a place where the dead walk unseen, side by side with the living.


The various Vr platforms like PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift all have Upcoming VR horror games in development, and this post narrowed those games to the three that stand out the most. However, many other upcoming horror VR games in development for virtual reality hardware could also terrify gamers. So horror genre fans should have no shortage of games to play, regardless of their VR platform of choice. Enjoy these best upcoming Horror Vr games for the most chilling experiences.

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